What are u listening to this minute? just curious


I’m listening to STP, Lounge Fly. Just curious…

Can you survive without Linkin Park?
Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Fixture 6
What song you listening to?
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Hybrid Theory CD


I was listening to that before I put STP on. Always gets me moving.


Indeed! Good music when you’re cleaning the house too :smile:


#my moms tv… From my room and King’s snoring.


My laptop’s fans, my parents talking downstairs.


I’m blasting HT right now.


I just finished lol. Now I’m going deaf by means of Until we have faces by Red.


today is a Hybrid Theory day


I just wanted to have some fun, and found this gem:


Definitely a Hybrid Theory day! Happy 15th!


P.O.S Let it rattle




That’s one of my very favorite songs!


right now just listening to radio station, cause the rest of my family is not amused ab loud lp or other sound in the morning, but when I´m alone
THP in the bathroom, cause it took as long as me to get ready for the day
Songs from the underground in the car
ATS whenever taking a bath
mhhh cookies when I like to laugh
road to revolution to remind me of my way and never leave it,


I’m playing Megadef by SOB.


More specifically, is it this song?


I had the whole album on. Bleach and Mr. Brown are my most favorite songs though.


Powerless :smile:


I’mm listening to Black Parade by MCR :innocent: