What are u listening to this minute? just curious



Dead By Sunrise Out Of Ashes


Been listening to Post Traumatic a lot. Ghosts and World’s on Fire. But Sorry for Now has had a few repeats today as well. :smiley:


Meteora and Minutes To Midnight

In other news, 1 year ago today is the day I first got Minutes To Midnight, my first LP album of the 7 albums, and still a favorite. Also its 1 year I’ve been listening to Icon For Hire, another favorite band of mine.



No more Kylo ren look a-like :confused:


Browsing through Apple Music, liked the song and went to find the video :confused::cry:
Got to me I guess…

@IronSoldier16 when it said the dude was doing punk gigs and playing in backyard it reminded me of onírics right away haha

Whole album is actually pretty enjoyable…decent night…


New Thrice album is out!


Hybrid theory this morning then one more light.



I’ve seen someone doing a review on it. How is it on a rating out of 10?




I don’t know, I have to get more familiar with it first before forming an opinion. So far I think it’s not too bad, but not their best work either






I love your selections :sunglasses:


Thanks, SOTD, LOATR, and Iridescent are three favorites for me.