What are u listening to this minute? just curious


One year ago.



The year has passed so fast. I remember we were watching this together on Plug DJ



Yeah, I remember have come back early that day and sit down in from of the PC waiting for the show to started. Those 3:15 hours were a real roll coaster.


One year ago… :hushed::hushed::hushed:

How fast time flies




One More Light - LP


They were. I got up way too early in the morning to watch it, but it was worth it! I was so excited to see them perform again, but it was also bittersweet.



Also listening to LP. But I found this


Going to see them on Monday :wink:


5th November for me.


Nice :smiley: its rare that we get big bands coming to our town actually, im from Newcastle, last time Linkin Park were here was 2010 I think :smiley:


I’m from Runcorn. LP was supposed to play last year in Manchester, which is only 25 - 30 minutes away from where I live but due to what happened, we had to travel down to Birmingham, a nice 2 and a half hour drive.


Seeing Brad Delson smile is like watching sunshine come through the window!:purple_heart::blue_heart:


@rickvanmeijel , you might like the Solar Echos, reminds me of Eleventh Vibration a bit.


Getting Warmed Up :smiley:


Super jealous on shinedown! Saw them once and honestly I think it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. They put on a damn good show haha