What are u listening to this minute? just curious


An AWESOME song!


@the_termin8r Solar Echoes is pretty nice!


My “Everything Linkin Park” playlist - Has every Linkin Park Album, Post Traumatic, Dead By Sunrise, some STP, and some Fort Minor


Okay so i am 135 unread means almost 120 suggestions to listen to… where should i start from? :joy::joy:

RN listening to

Not today - twenty one pilots







Been listening to lots of grandson again lately. Currently on is War.



Great job once again



What did you think of this album overall?


Quite liked it. I only just found these guys the other day when I was looking for metal covers of In the air by Phil Collins. Really like them.


I posted this album a few weeks or so ago lol. I tend to like their older music a little more I’d say, but the new albums are alright as well. Doesn’t really matter the genre for me as long as its rock.


I must’ve missed it. lol

EDIT: Might have been in a thread I have muted. You only posed one video by them in the past few months.


Maybe I didn’t post that album, thought I did lol

Been listening to Avenged Sevenfold again, guess I’ll get back into them




Thank you Steph! Also thanks for subscribing :blush:


Can’t believe I’m actually listening to this.