What are u listening to this minute? just curious


I’ll give them a listen when I get back from uni.

EDIT: Just gave a listen to whatever songs I could find from them. They’re not my sort of thing, and their mixing is terrible.



Been waiting for this to be covered for ages.


First listen to new Imagine Dragons album


I need to listen to the new Muse and Imagine Dragons.





Metallica - Fuel


I’m finally listening to the new Muse album!





@silvallor1825 :muscle: :sun_with_face:


Shinedown - Fly From The Inside


Ending to waters edge by seven Mary three


Skipped BS to go to Crawling


How is it? I am yet to listen to Atreyu’s and Disturbed’s new albums too.



Atreyu’s I loved, Disturbed’s I haven’t listened to yet.


Disturbed’s isn’t bad, better than the last one, but something seems off about it, almost like it isn’t really Disturbed. I still liked it though.


What about the Muse’s album? Is Simulation Theory good in reality?

That is disturbing. :monkey:


And all the album. They are a Death Melody Metal Band.