What are u listening to this minute? just curious


It is! I really liked it!


Both are fun listens! :smile:
I was surprised that I liked muse better than ID in terms of these new albums

I tried disturbed…not my thing :joy:



Song of the day in English

So I was happy


I just wish I had more teachers who liked Linkin Park. There was only two of them who were LP fans and a few of them who only listened to In The End and Numb


My teacher actually saw them in 2003


I’ve been listening to Don Broco- Everybody a lot lately. I am super happy they tagged along on Mike’s Tour.



Blood // Water - grandson





I really like this wondering why I haven’t heard this before


I only found it yesterday and this below…


Thanks for sharing I really like them both


New album from POD.


New song from P Roach

New songs from Born Of Osiris



I love Three Days Grace . I love his voice. So dreamy and powerful . Thanks for sharing . I usually listen to each cd two times Love the videos too.


I am listening to Best Of Linkin Park Underground Songs:notes::notes::notes::musical_note::musical_note::musical_note: