What are u listening to this minute? just curious


I grew up on TDG, been listening to them since 2007, and they were my favorite band for years. Also still have the 4 original albums, and although I like Matt also, Adam was always better in the band I thought.



One of my favourite LP Underground tracks



Thousand Foot Krutch


I’m planning to check out some Muse albums. Which albums should I definitely listen to?


The 2nd Law, Drones, Origin Of Symmetry


Sorry, but this was a god awful album. Pat made me listen to it when it came out, I’ve been permanently traumatised by it. :joy:


I liked it a lot, I like the new one too!


I’ve been put off from Muse. I wasn’t too much of a fan to begin with, but decided to give them a chance, clearly it didn’t end well. :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks, will check them out!

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that lol


@rickvanmeijel This is by far the best in my opinion. I liked Drones too, but I was not pleased with the new one. It is good in parts, but I would probably not give it a second listen.


Me too. I’m thinking of listening to them soon


@the_termin8r I’m not like a massive fan but they are in my top 10. I do give them major credits for their live show though, they are incredible on stage.

@amitrish The 2nd Law is my favourite and I honestly thought the new album sounds like it but more electronicorocksynthsomething type of thing.


That is where my problem lies. I personally dont like it. Another thing which has gone against the album for me is the 80s feel. Right now, almost everything (tv shows, movies etc) is trying to capture that nostalgia and it is an overdose.
Good that you could keep all that aside and enjoy the album. I will go back to playing Iron Maiden for 80s stuff.


Thanks! Won’t miss the 2nd Law, but what about Resistance?



my #1 album forever and ever. Just :metal:t2::heart:


Minutes To Midnight (my favorite LP album)