What are u listening to this minute? just curious


the world is destroyed :persevere:


I wrote, deleted, repeated a huge amount of rant but in order to keep the forums clean I would summarise: You dud.

Also, go back to your era.

Edit: Enquiry: Did you seriously go back to your era?


Lmao damn it! I missed reading your rant :joy:
That sucked, didn’t you at least mean 1970??? :joy:


Does your username say “framos1972”? Does it?

Also, a week after the movie…



Lol maybe it does and you hadn’t noticed :face_with_monocle:
Some of the best times for old school rock though :thinking::grimacing:


Guess what, I just started listening to their album The Gray Chapter, and I like it :smiling_imp::crazy_face:


Sarcastrophe, AOV, DII and Custer are the best from that album. Iowa’s where it’s at.


Don’t mind him…he’s from 1972… :crazy_face:

High five @amitrish ! :joy:


Lmao, I wouldn’t expect you of all people to be a Slipknot fan :joy:


This is actually my first time listening to a full album by them, I’m really surprised I like it this well :joy:


Lol Just to make things clear…
I am a FAN only of Linkin Park/Fort Minor/Dead by Sunrise!!! :heart:

Rest are likes… :crazy_face:


Ehh? Is this working? :crazy_face:


Awww!! :heart_eyes:

Still LP my favourites! :heart: :relieved:


Sometimes, I only like one song from an artist. It’s not that I have only listened to that song by Slipknot. I have listened to about 10 others but it’s not really my type. Maybe they will grow on me in the future.


I’m the same way with certain artists. I mean, sometimes you only feel certain songs by certain people, and that’s understandable. I’m sure we all have those artists or bands where we only care for a couple songs.


And I should careeee…why?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And…ignoring the genre and the fact it’s mainstream… lyrically this is what a mature person realizes:

And just because I’m proud of my little video :joy:


Their self titled debut and Iowa are far more visceral and gritty, The Gray Chapter is more ‘polished’.


Listening to my sister play Don’t Starve


Ohhhhhh I beat you!!!