What are u listening to this minute? just curious


Roach makes me think Pineapple Express :joy:

Pass the dutchie is a song though that’s why I said it like that lol

This went off the deep end :see_no_evil:
I’ll excuse myself lmao


Been listening to the new mgmt album over and over again lately
Me and Michael kinda makes me laugh because I recently bought tickets to see Mike live :smiley:


Curious about this work shared by a soldier here… aaaand I have to say it’s soooooo cool!! I like it!! :grin: :heart_eyes: :notes: :musical_note: :microphone:

Thanks for sharing with us @rabben82 !


Thanks alot, really appreciate it :pray:

Have a great day



Also more LP, Icon For Hire, and Korn




@rickvanmeijel, I finally have a chance to give this a listen.






renegade music and who do you trust are really good, but elevate sounds like Imagine Dragons :face_with_raised_eyebrow::expressionless:


I thought the same, and I’m really not a fan of the electronic sounds myself.




Shadow of the day


Rosemary - Deftones



the high quality version from ‘songs of the underground’ is so great. so many feelings, so many emotions :sob::disappointed_relieved::broken_heart::heart:

this voice!:heart:

‘sing like an angel - scream like the devil’


AC/DC - Back in Black