What are u listening to this minute? just curious


Listening to this masterpiece too. Damn, I love this song. A little bit back to the roots with this heavy sound and I always prefer the heavy sound.

But hearing Chesters voice in this new song makes me sad. I miss him :broken_heart::sob:


Chester Bennington - Cross Off

Already, I love it


This is what OML should have sounded like. \m/


Love this instrumental, very chiiled.


Hollywood Undead Five


Didn’t take you as an HU fan.


I used to be, but I quit listening to them a couple years ago. I figured I would give them another try though. Lately I’ve been listening to bands that I never have given a chance or listened to much to try to find more music to listen to, that way I can expand my inventory more and not have only less than 10 bands to listen to all the time.

On topic: Flyleaf self titled album


If you’re on the lookout for new stuff to get into, just go back in this thread or go through the bands thread. I’ve recently fallen down the rabbit hole of stoner rock. My list of recommendations is basically that massive list of artists I listen to. :joy: My rule for that list is that I have to like at least one entire album by them or enough separate songs to form an album.


If you want to listen to new stuff from band you haven’t heard of, try this Youtube channel called Rocked. Some of the bands on here are awesome.



I haven’t listened to Cross Off since it’s not on Spotify but everyone seems to love it.


Melomano Adicto is a good channel for obscured hard rock and nu-metal bands. I found a lot of the bands I listen to there. What really annoys me is that he has some damn good albums that he took down (for copyright I’m guessing) that I can’t find anywhere for the life of me.

Stoned Meadow Of Doom is great for all things stoner rock.

Why not just check out the yt vid?


They’ve all been taken down for violation purposes.


Oh, lol, didn’t know.


I know, I was going to listen to it tonight,:persevere::persevere::persevere: (I’ve downloaded it though on my laptop just in case)



Disturbed Evolution (I love this album :star_struck: so great for hearing it for the first time)


It was ok, I like their older stuff.



Evanescence Fallen


Prove you wrong - Mike