What are u listening to this minute? just curious


Christopher Lee was a badass, 92 and in a power-metal band.


Breaking Benjamin Phobia


Breaking Benjamin Dark Before Dawn


  • the whole ‘unleashed’ album.

it’s ‘ok till good’ but ‘awake’ will be forever the masterpiece



Rammstein - Rosenrot




Kaleo - I Can’t Go on Without You, live version !


Does anyone know when the new Papa Roach album comes out? I know its supposed to be this month.


I think it’s the 19th of this month but let me check


On the 18th.




it’s official ! :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Wow. First time finally hearing this, its better than I thought it would be, I loved it.


I’m really in love with this song. mark is an underrated guitarrist and am excited of the whole album.

It’s like the old nu metal Linkin Park. This energy is so f’ckin’ awesome. I can feel this again “sing like an angel and scream like the devil”

We miss you Chester :metal:t2::heart:


So gooood!


@rickvanmeijel - Reliving

Rick, is there going to be any new stuff coming soon?


This album has really grown on me.


Icon For Hire Still Can’t Kill Us


That’s awesome! :blush:

Funny you should ask. Check out my thread tomorrow this time