What are u listening to this minute? just curious



Starset - Transmissions



Thousand Foot Krutch The End Is Where We Begin and Welcome to the Masquerade



Icon For Hire self titled album



Eminem Revival


I am at the process of re-shaping a self that is around in pieces.
Have you ever had the feeling where
the only thing that can pick you back up is the very thing that put you down?
Ever heard of the bootstrap method where you raise your own foot to walk, by pulling your own shoe from
its laces?

As Eminem said,

"Case you are wondering why my inside’s showing,
cause i’m done spilling my guts
and those are mine so i’m picking them up and stuffing them back
Perhaps this could have been my victory lap
if i wasn’t on the verge of RELAPSE"

Looks like am making a video about this which will be sang around a rebuilding of a dirt bike (a 1999 YZ 125 that time has left still)

and the soundtracks will be

but then you see… bad wolves don’t waste time on biting!

(try not to like this one!)

The show will go on!


Exploring Bush’ music


If you like Gavin Rosedale, give Institute a listen, it’s another band he’s in.


Yeah I really like his voice from what I’ve heard so far. I’ll check it out!


Slipknot vol. 3



Rise Against Wolves

Papa Roach Who Do You Trust?


Post Traumatic


Breaking Benjamin - Ember