What are you doing right now? {REBOOT}


Just after @IronSoldier16 killed the old thread … let’s go for the new one
The name says it all lol


Victory is ours! On to the next!


Loool ya fast man @NickGr but wasn’t there the one framos set up @framos1792 and yaaaay for the killers- that’s pure energy soldiers :heart:️:tada::tada: :tada::heartpulse::heartbeat::heartpulse:


Jajaja Good! My second thread killed lol.

But @framos1792 has one, let’s kill that first, ok?


Great job guys


Lol- I go for whatever with you guys besides me :heart_eyes:


Great job, now let’s kill this one !!!:dancer: Ok just joking. :joy:

OT: getting back to my video games and listening music


[quote=“IronSoldier16, post:4, topic:43173”] @framos1792 has one,

Oops… I’ve missed that sorta lol
Gonna be a double kill huh? I can ask @jFar920 to close this thread actually


Come on guys only 9993 posts to go


Don’t do, this one will be the 3rd one.



Bo need - we keep it as backup- can sbd link @framos1792 thread?!!


Okay let’s do this lol


Hahaha @rickvanmeijel you tasted the sweet taste of the thrill?!! :joy::joy::joy:


Yesssss I tasted the blood, now I can’t go back mwhuahaha


Damn! I have to go. Come back later, and please keep killing topic :’)


Looool- you are even more sympathetic with this new attitute

Ot: making a new experience with the killer squad :joy:


I’m not that guy anymore :joy:




Youuuuu guys!!!the thread is here! :point_up: