What are you doing right now?


Unfortunately it is obscured by clouds:


Yes @samuel_the_leader but unfortunately it’s cloudy here too-

Edit: lol we posted same time :joy:


The best I could do, nicer and more orangey in reality:

The wind here is very strong and cold :shiver: :snowflake:


Better one:


Blue moon was last night and it was only visible from AUS/NZ.


Super exhausted by my work day.

This morning, one job applicant gave me her agreement to take a job. I was so happy. And in the afternoon, she called me back and changed her mind. :sob: I’ve got so much difficulties to find the perfect applicant for this job.

Funny fact of the day: I went to the supermarket. When I was wondering which egg box I will take, there was a women who came to me and said “birds have laid eggs this week, I think the spring is coming.” I didn’t know her so I made a face like “WTF??” And she added “just saying”. :joy::joy::joy: She made my evening.

Origami and paper folding creations

What kind of work do you do?
And that lady was awesome lol idve “cracked up” on the spot (that was not good :stuck_out_tongue: )


What movie is that again?


I recruit for a building company. ^^
Yeah it was like being in front of Loony Lovegood. So cute.


Wonders? @chigokurosaki?
Loool lmao @Lilyope
And heeyo @framos1792 back better?!!

Ot: doing my pic


Wonders what?


This ! :joy:


Chilling on the couch listening to music… wondering what to make for dinner (again). Always tough :confused:


What is the blood moon rising? :joy:


Trying to do my homework for school but my brain is dead


Baaahahaha :rofl: lmao- that was meant literally- it’s blood moon here today for real :joy::joy:


Lolz oh :joy: :laughing: too bad, that sounded like a badass movie title


Lool- indeed it does, Btw grats man- I guess this is the highest likes rate I ever saw here!!! That’s soo cool

You deserve this @chigokurosaki


That’s impressive way to go @chigokurosaki


Thank you :grin: :blue_heart: :laughing: its great to be here. Way better than fb, Twitter, or Instagram (even MySpace :joy: ) for sure.