What are you doing right now?


I finally finish to read metro2033. I didn’t really like this book but wanna get to the end of it.

Drinking a glass of red wine, wondering what I can do next.


Watching Rocked again on Youtube. This time about the songs in March that were on Billboard.


I’m doing nothing jaja jk going to eat and then work. Good afternoon/morning/night.


Made it home from work, finally time to relax!


Sitting in the train back home from work. I’m so unbelievably tired. I’m listening to LP- Sharp Edges Live. Aw this song is just to beautiful.

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Going to listen to music and relax and hopefully I Well be able to sleep soon because I had a long day and I am exhausted so good night soliders


So my magazine came but they sent me the wrong one.

All it has is just a spread of mike and that’s it.


Good morning everybody, hope everyone has a good start today :sunny:

Ot: :coffee:️ & :iphone:


Have a good day too @theearlywalker :sunny::wink:

Preparing to my moms bday party(she move the party on this weekend) i need some patience.


Hey guys how are you


Hey @zinler, all fine myside :sunny:️ - good nerves @anngelenee :muscle:t2: and a :hugs: for you @Lilyope :blush:

Ot: shopping tour after a real relaxing bath - the sun is shining and the birds sing :sunny:️ Awesome :sunglasses:


Went out with a friend for coffee and brunch. Back home now waiting for a package to be delivered. It’s finally sunny today! So happy!


At work watching the clock waiting for 5pm to come around…only 55 mins left!!


almost the same :joy:


Typing and posting.


Been playing piano for the last 2,5 hours. Didn’t realise time went by. Gotta make dinner now.


Writing, watching TV, thinking about sleeping


Listening to music as I can’t sleep.


Going to sleep good night soldiers