What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Someone’s finally gonna kidnap Mike :joy: jk, have fun at the show man.


Unfortunately, I’m not meeting him this time, so there’s an idea…


This is how I end up not going to sleep early. I blame Shinoda and Matt and their live streams.


Sitting in our hotel room post-show. What a night, I nearly got crushed at the end when Mike decided to go into the crowd on “Running From My Shadow.”

I’ll post photos when we get home tomorrow night.


Coming back home after have had the best birthday in years!

Tomorrow I’ll end to update the history. I’m off. Goodnight!


Happy to hear you had a great birthday, good night and have another good day tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol @evooba :joy: … and that sounds very much like a bit dangerous :scream:? I hope you enjoyed the show nevertheless @LP13413 … did you hear how the workshop with Mike was? Happy you had a great day @IronSoldier16, you get what you deserve…

Ot: :coffee: and :iphone:- getting my brain to work for a studying day… and the laundry ofc :roll_eyes:


Good morning guys.
Yesterday was my mothers birthday and we went to Roermond in the Netherlands together to celebrate it a little. I never had the best connection to her but yesterday was really a special and positive day. It was the first time she talked so much about herself. I’m grateful for this day and I hope I will have more days like these in the future. :slight_smile:

OT: Just drinking tea because I have Sore throat and watching some videos from Mike’s performance last night in NYC. He performered World’s On Fire last night :heart_eyes::pray:


Get well soon dear!!! :hugs: :hugs: :tea: :honey_pot: :sun_with_face: :hugs:


Thank you @lpfan61 ! I hope you are doing fine ! Have a great sunday!:hugs:


Got out of work early today and now relaxing at home watching the rain.

@OneMoreLight2017 I watched a few videos from last night too and found Mike’s little gestures to his family absolutely adorable. More reasons to love him, haha! Seemed like a great show overall, can’t wait to see @LP13413’s photos.


Watching Mikes last concert


Thanks for sharing these wonderful photo’s @ LP13413 I love them as well.


At work cold as hell in here no heat ugh


Would love to go to one of his shows, have watched a couple online (including his Reading one which was mega) and they looked really good, just a shame he doesn’t anywhere near where I live so, can always hope :smiley:


That is wonderful! So glad to hear that @OneMoreLight2017. Get well soon!


How is the suitcase?? :joy: Hope you’re enjoying this time in UK :hugs: :hugs:


Going to sleep. This week will be a short week of work, hopefully. Have a good night/afternoon all. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I was second-row behind the barricade last night.

These two were lurking on the side of the stage. I think they spotted me. I think Mike spotted me, as well (he brought a fan on stage to sing with him).

For those of you who I have as Facebook friends, I also posted a video of Mike’s “In The End” speech over there.


Trying to sleep…but wide awake…also very hungry as at the moment I’m on 500 calories a day…trying to loose weight as I have 2 weddings in 2 weeks time!

Love the photos @LP13413!!