What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?



Watching the news then going to get ready for bed i have to get up early


This is a strange one…‪so I’m sitting in bed about to fall asleep when all of a sudden I hear my MacBook start up chime go off…my MacBook is closed and across the room from me…I’ve not used it in an hour…it’s reset I think somehow?!! :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


On the train back home from seeing Hanson.


Watching Lady GaGa’s speech from last month. If you have some time to spare, it’s well-worth a listen if you haven’t already.


Good morning family :sunny:Have a great Sunday everybody and do what you feel like :sunny: if you have a free day, sending strenght to the working squad :muscle:t2:

Ot: :coffee: and starting to do my stuff :muscle:t2:


Good morning guys

Hope everyone is fine…i am chilling with my cats…enjoying a lazy sunday


Good morning I’m so sleepy I have not been to bed yet . But i got go to work today then im off for 2 day can t wait to try to sleep


Watching Angry Joe Ghostbusters 2016 Review


@jrtrussell, I’ll let you know how it goes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They’re up :smiley:


Good morning family :sunny: Have a good start of the new week :muscle:t2:, and goodnight Andy @LP13413 :crescent_moon:

Ot :coffee: & :iphone:


Have a great day!


Thank you :sunny:


Dang. I’m jealous my man. Have fun!


Any of you guys listen to the new Imagine Dragons album Origins? I’ve only listened to it once through so far but I think it’s awesome. Bad Liar has to be my favorite track off it.


Survived a mad weekend at work, I can finally relax a bit tomorrow.

@jrtrussell I did and think is great! I love Bad Liars, Zero and West Coast.


A little bit sad, cause Stan lee has passed away

thank you Stan for giving the world amazing super heroes.R.I.P :disappointed_relieved:


It’s a real bad and sad news :cry:

Rest In Peace :confused:


I talked with my old boss, I came to back to work with her :slight_smile: that’s why I have not been here lately.

Talking about that, it’s time to work. Love you all guys :hugs:


RIP Stan!

Congrats @IronSoldier16 !!so happy for you!! :hugs: :hugs: :tada: :hugs: