What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Good morning ! Hope you all doing fine!

OT: it’s a sunny morning and today I will go with friends to the concert of Parcels.
It helps to calm down a bit :slight_smile:


Watching season 4 of the Last Ship


Flu is back, second time in this month WHF just happening?


:scream: Get well soon!! :hugs: :hugs:


Awe :pensive: Get better soon.


Get well soon.

OT: having breakfast.


Mucking about :smiley:


Enjoy the last day of the weekend guys, wishing everyone a great week ahead!


Thank you!! :hugs: same to you! :hugs:


@lpfan61 @melisLP @IronSoldier16 tnank you! :slightly_smiling_face: have a nice evening/day :heart:


Hope you feel better soon

Ot eating dinner and watching the blues brothers


Listening to Fall Out Boy and yes, sucking on another ice cube.



Trying to sleep… but I’m wide awake…back to work today…up in 2 hours and a half!


The Piccadilly line is f*cked this morning so I had to take an Uber to Heathrow :frowning: I’m hoping to be there on time. I hate rushing at the airport.

EDIT: I made it. 25min before gates open.


Get better soon, :heart::heart::heart::heart:


@StephLP18 @raz7 thank you! :heart:


Watching Friends. Can’t wait for tomorrow!


Get well soon @anngelenee !


Lurking, watching Steve Aoki+BTS new music video (directed by Joe Hahn).

And getting ready for work. It’s only a two-day work week, and we get paychecks tomorrow, ahead of the Thanksgiving recess. There’s probably going to be some overtime as well, either Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.


Get well soon @anngelenee ! And save travels for you @evooba !!!