What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Watching An Idiot Abroad


I’m :exploding_head:

@jrtrussell are you watching this insanityyyy? :scream::exploding_head:
Chiefs rams :exploding_head:


That was insane my boi. Goff and Mahomes are too good.


Chilling at home today, slept in which was amazing. I’m seeing friends later tonight.

I also got a glimpse at the design of my new tattoo and I’m so excited!


Watching Top Gear funniest moments


Music and chillin


Putting my feet up, watching Ridiculousness before I start the process of getting ready for work.

Thurman peed on the kitchen floor again this morning, and my mom had a death threat made against her at work today, so it’s been an interesting day so far, to say the least.


I finally received the album of Muse and listened to it. :grin:


Like the first part(ridiculousness) but many thumbs down to part 2 :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I hope all is well with your mom and that it was somebody being idiotic :confused:


She’s the receptionist at the elementary school I work in/went to.

Some classes were having Thanksgiving parties today (which still makes no sense to me). She was given instructions not to let any parents in until 11:30. The brother of one of the room mothers showed up just before 11 with hot food in a crockpot and insisted he had to get it in the building and up to the classroom before it got cold.

He was basically being irate and yelling at her with other parents there witnessing everything. Once she let everybody in for their parties, he apparently left a note that said something to the effect of “I want that receptionist dead.”

I think this is the first time she’s ever dealt with him, and she’s just hoping he doesn’t come back with a gun. Luckily, after the Sandy Hook shooting (was that six years ago already?) her window was replaced with bullet-proof glass, and she has a secret buzzer under her desk, just in case.

Some people get so bent out of shape over the stupidest things sometimes.


:scream: So sorry to hear!! :worried: say her to stay strong!! :hugs: :hugs:


Watching Eastenders


I had an amazing day seeing friends! We had a lot of catching up to do… they squeezed me a bit too hard when they hugged me but it was totally worth it :slight_smile:


Currently in bed in a hotel in Salina, Kansas. I’m halfway through a roadtrip to Colorado with my parents. We are going to my aunt and uncle’s for Thanksgiving.


On my way to meet an old classmate at my university and he will help me to manage everything with the paperwork before I can start with my exam work. Didn’t have contact with him the last 3 yrs but he will help me and that is so nice from him.


I was playing until my phone died. I recharged it and I kept playing until now. Goodnight/morning (1:42) here.


Good morning lp family i hope that everyone is doing good. Im up getting ready for work and then I’m off on Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone will have a safe Thanksgiving . Love you all


That is horrible @LP13413 . I hope you mom is feeling better today. People can be so awful. I am so sorry your mom had to go through this


Hey guys- drowning in stuff that must be done atm- and can’t find time to do anything- both same time :crazy_face: it’s been 5 days since I was here last time - that feels HORRIBLE :scream:… but ketchup here in this thread keeps me updated … - and I wish you all the best @alz89 and @anngelenee - hope you guys feel already better? :hugs: happy to hear you enjoy your free days Eva !! @evooba :tada: you really deserve them to be full of joy and things and friends :sunny: Curious about the tattoo already :blush: @OneMoreLight2017 happy to hear you have support :hugs: @LP13413 oh maaan :roll_eyes: Thurman really stretches it to the max… that’s hard to stand, sending you strength- and I like sucking on icecubes too :joy::joy: @framos1792 that’s really heavy - good you are there to support her… and @AJ_7 and @lpfan61 so nice to see how you guys care :heart_eyes: that’s real soldiers attitude :heart: Thank you for always having a hug for peeps who need them

ot: done the laundry- yaay :sweat_smile: now unwinding and relaxing :slight_smile: YAAY :tada:


Awwwww!!! Sending you loooots of sunshiny sunny powerful hugs!!! :blush: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:,:hugs: :heart: :kissing_heart: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :grin:

Yaaaaaay!!! Good girl! :grin: :hugs: