What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Awwwww thanx dear :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: you are wonderful :heart::kissing_heart:


And we missed you! So glad to see you on here! Loads of strength to you and hoping you get some time for yourself!


Watching The Last Ship Season 4


Went to dinner and then a long walk with a friend, it was great!
It’s damn hot here and I’ve packed the wrong stuff :confused:

@theearlywalker you’ll see tomorrow :wink:


Eating KFC

And watching a movie


Good morning lpu :sunny: - Thanx @AJ_7 :hugs::heart: and if one thing is sure: I missed you guys and the positivity and support inhere very much and came once more to the conclusion how worthy it is to have this plattform here to connect us soldiers all over the world- it’s such a great gift!! :heart: @evooba are you in Greece?? I kinda missed that, I’m so happy for you :heart_eyes: and got even more curious now :crazy_face:… and bonne apetit @StephLP18 :yum:, last but never least: Goodnight Andi @LP13413… I hope your day was ok? And Thurman? :flushed:

Ot: up early for creating extra time :joy: enjoying :coffee: and finally browsing here again- heartspam included :laughing:


Home from another long night of work. Eight hours. All of it overtime.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, so at least I can relax for a couple days (and stuff my face), and do it all again on Saturday.

Everybody enjoy your day, and (to my fellow Americans) Happy Thanksgiving!!


Getting ready to go to work. I would love celebrating Thanksgiving just for skipping this workday ! :joy: Have a good night/day guys! :blush::hugs:


@theearlywalker I am in Greece yeah, finally enjoying some down time :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving to whoever is celebrating and a good day to the rest of you!


Happy thanksgiving day and have a nice day to the non-celebrating people! :hugs: :sun_with_face:

OT: :coffee: :milk_glass: :cookie: :yum:


Happy Thanksgiving day all! Have a good day! :grin:


Back from my tattoo appointment. I’m so happy and in love with it!
Going to have lunch and then chill a bit, don’t think I’ll be doing anything else today.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!


Here’s how my Thanksgiving’s going.

If I move even a little, he wakes up.


I’m enjoying my thanksgiving with family


:heart: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it :heart:
Have a nice day with Your family!


Just got some of the Christmas presents for my parents


After our feast, my sister and I went out to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. We just came home.

It was a better film than I was expecting.


Good morning lpu… have a Good Friday everybody :sunny: Glad you had fun :blush: and he looks so innocent …enjoy you holidays :tada: and goodnight Andy @LP13413

Ot: :coffee: and :iphone: - heaven is a place on earth :sunny:


In my view, the best songs are the ones already released (thought contagion, pressure, darkness…) The others are good too but not as good as the old albums. But maybe it’s because I listened to the new album just one time.

OT: getting ready to go to work. Almost the weeeekeeeend :heart_eyes::grin: