What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Completing more of my ECDL course


Thank you! I’m way better right now :hugs: Have a nice friday :kissing_heart::hugs:


Went out for a walk and then lunch with my parents, meeting friends later.


Thanks @theearlywalker I’m feeling a lot better.

OT: having dinner with friends and drinking wine


hanging out with my cousins eating leftover thanksgiving food :grinning:


Good morning soldiers, :sunny: Wishing you all a good and charging weekend, do what feel is right guys- no matter what it is- do something crazy if it feels good :yellow_heart: when we care for ourselves we make him proud :rainbow:. @evooba so happy you enjoy your holidays :sunny:, how’s the healing going? @anngelenee and @alz89 happy to hear ya both good again and that you had a good time with your friends :grinning: …and goodnight @lp13413 - hope your weekend is free?

Ot: Enjoying my :coffee: and browsing here before another busy weekend starts. Dads bday today and learning tomorrow- but next weekend is only free ( plan: sleeping- chilling and eating… hope that nothing crashes my plans … )


Nope! I have to work in 14 hours!

Have a great day!


Oh nooooo- but at least you had Thanksgiving holidays? Will your schedule be at normal oneday? Btw- what would be normal in that case? Wish you a good rest and all the power you need :crescent_moon::muscle:t2::upside_down_face:… and thank you Andy :grin:


I go back from break on Monday, 3:30-11:30 pm.

Once in a blue moon I get asked to cover a day shift (7 am-3:30).

Everything else is overtime if I get asked.


Wish your dad a happy birthday from me @theearlywalker !

Have an awesome day everyone


Wow, so you have to get up in the middle of the night always? :upside_down_face: Take care, and I keep my fingers crossed that your wish comes true :crossed_fingers:t2:

@AJ_7 good morning dear- seeing you typing- :yellow_heart::hugs::sunny: Have a great Saturday

Edit awww, thank you dear- comming here and meet all you guys was already the best start of it :heart_eyes::sunny::muscle:t2: Thank you soldiers :grin:

Edit: thank you :blush:


happy birthday to your dad @theearlywalker :birthday: :cake: :tada:


Happy birthday to your dad @theearlywalker !! :tada: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:


@theearlywalker Healing is going alright, it doesn’t burn much anymore and it’s not as sensitive to the touch. It started scabbing last night which is pretty fast compared to my other two so hopefully it’ll be flaking by next weekend.

Have a great weekend guys! :slight_smile:


Get ready to go to work 7 to 3 today may toa 7 tonight


Having a cup of tea


I’m almost completely healed rn :slight_smile: Hope your plans for free weekend will work out sleeping is my fav form of activity too :smile: :joy:

Right now: I can’t sleep! :scream:


I always go to bed in the middle of the night. I really don’t care what hours I’m working, as long as I work a full week.

I just prefer working nights during the school year.

On topic, I just got off another 8-hour overtime night at work! :upside_down_face:


Waiting for my coffee get done so i can have coffee and get ready for work . Have a good day lp family.


Drinking coffee with my friends