What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


It 3 am in up early this morning and i have get ready for work .Right now just drinking coffee and watching cartoons. Good morning lp family i hope everyone will have a great day.


First day back to work and it’s ok… we’re busy but coping. I came back to a lot of new things though and I still need to catch up with my manager since he is leaving for holidays today and I’ll be in charge for the next 10-12 days. (You can’t begin to imagine how much I dread that financial report on Monday morning).

Have a great day all :slight_smile:


Off day today :grin: Playing WoW and enjoying my restful time. Have a good day guys :hugs::sunny::musical_note:


Have a great day @Lilyope - and enjoy, you deserve to just relax :blush: and good to hear you well Eva @evooba, you’ll definitely will do a good job :ok_hand:t2:

Ot: napping time after I had to work today- and finally a FREE weekend :heart_eyes: I’m in heaven :slight_smile:


Just finished this. This is top-class horror.


Came home to lots of goodies today! New music and Mike stuff :slight_smile: Also, I am about to finally hang my skate decks on the wall!

@theearlywalker thank you!

@amitrish Watched the first 2 episodes on the plane, I’m hooked!! Can’t wait to finish it too.


Going to work!


Have a nice day work! Don’t tired yourself too much! :muscle: :hugs:

Going to sleep! :zzz: :wave:


Ep5 will make you do a doubletake. Be prepared.
And I saw an imdb feature where they show ghosts we may have missed. I thought I was good at spotting them, but now the truth has been revealed. I missed many of them.
There is a scene in which a character passes by a statue but when the character returns in the same scene the statue is different revealing that too was a ghost. Brilliant.


Catching up on here after too long of an abscence :scream:
Was sick for a while since thanksgiving, had lots of rain, doing schoolwork, fighting on WA as per usual haha… nothing too exciting :thinking: wreck it Ralph 2 was actually really enjoyable!
Oh! Mike next Saturday! :star_struck:


Going to bed with a sore throat. I’m hoping this just passes.

Good night!


Get well soon!! :muscle: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face:


my tattooed arm was finished yesterday (all LP stuff :rofl:) - so I spend the days for ‘healing’ :joy:


Off into London to meet some of my LP family who I haven’t seen since Reading festival!


Rough morning at work, our Internet was down (major problem for a business, nothing works without a connection) and I was on the phone with tech for 2,5 hours trying to solve it, thankfully they were great at directing me and telling me exactly what to do so now everything is back online. Having my early lunch and coffee :slight_smile:

@amitrish Oh wow! I’ll pay closer attention now for sure!

@alz89 Have fun!

Welcome back @framos1792!


Not feeling all that good but i have to get up and do things to


Welcome back!

I want to see it too. I will watch it next week.

Edit: I just saw the exclusive preview of Frozen2 in WIR2’s post credit scene. Sweet!


Relaxing inside, experimenting with Premiere Pro and making release plans :smirk:


I’m little bit confused and really shocked about tobis tweet


that hurts so much :persevere::disappointed_relieved:


Same here :sob: