What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Welcome back! Lucky you’re seeing Mike again. I’m jealous. I want to go to the Christmas show in NY but, I can’t make it work.

Me too.


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Yaaaspy @NoireXJasper :grinning: WB :tada: what a nice surprise- you have a lot of notification from me- the Unity moved on- check the thread- :sunny:, man, ya alive? So good :joy:
@HakManLP I saw the tweet too- we tend to stay cool with things inhere somehow, whatever it means- we are tolerant for opinions and points of views - I mean… we are soldiers… !
Aaaand ofc @framos1792 welcome back - but… :sunny:, Good to hear you’re doing good again :muscle:t2:
Ot: :coffee: and :iphone: and it’s early still… what a great Sunday- same time feeling xmas comming- so I like to say thanx to all of you guys- we are such a great community - that’s the best insurance for not having a bad xmas though- and we already got a gift we can be thankful for. #IamTheChange #MakeChesterProud :heart:


Man. when I go back here, I feel somewhat newbie in this forums so I have no idea where to start working on threads :joy:


Interesting statements coming from Tobi. With discussions like these it’s important to realise we as fans don’t know much about their personal lives.


Decorate Apartment for Christmas and listen to music


yeah, but it’s kinda weird and really rude to post something without explanation.


As far as I can tell, she’s only stating the things that she has perceived. It’s weird to hear these statements for sure, but it’s not rude.


I’ve read it now. It’s scary…


Samantha apparently got in on it too.


I am here wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season . I can’t believe it is December . Bradford Phillip Delson turned 41 yesterday . Celebrated that. I am so happy for Mike to be named person of the year . Just love him for his strength and how far he has come .this past year. Love you all :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::heart::heart::heart: Have a good week


Oh no - :roll_eyes: @melisLP and thanx @kathy357, you too :sunny:

Ot: need to sleep- goodnight soldiers :crescent_moon:


I think I had way too much coffee today, been trying to plan how to arrange some documents I need to prepare for work for next Monday. Unfortunately I am working from home now too, otherwise I fear I won’t have them ready by deadline.


Taking it easy today. We left at midnight after cleaning up from last night’s prom. I only went in today to sort through all the bottles and cans that we saved. I brought home a huge bag, and came home to the smell of my mom baking cookies.

Today is a good day.


Getting mad my phone screen is mess up and i have to go to my phone company to see what going on with my phone


Sending you strength @evooba, :muscle:t2: You’ll do a good job as always :sunny: and this sounds great Andy, @LP13413 I love this smell too :heart_eyes:, have a goodnight then later and I am sorry to hear that @hilaryfol, it’ll work out

Ot :coffee: and :iphone:


I just came from concord and Richmond just hanging out with my cousins

Now I’m off to bed Goodnight :grin:




Getting ready to go to work . Good morning lp family i wish you all a great day love you all.


Came home to this Beaty!

Will take advantage of the afternoon and sleep.