What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


:scream: you got iiiiit! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: congratulations!
I had to decide to be responsible and wait Until after the Christmas season :persevere::joy:
It’s the clear vinyl version? :star_struck:


Just killed some morning yoga, and trying to get back into a routine.


Hahaha, it is amazing! I need to read the book now :slight_smile:

Me being responsible is not buying the clear vinyl version. I got the black ones. Still pretty and cool though!


Just got my ECDL certificates, yay!!!


Congrats! :tada:


Home rexing getting ready to get something to eat


Thank you. Also, I’ve passed MOS,(Microsoft Office Specialist) EXCEL 2016


Nice! [Congrats]^2 :tada: :grin:


well done!!


I just came home from work with a nice gift.

She did not have to do this.

Last week, in the section that I clean, one of the teachers lost a diamond earring in her classroom (they were a gift from her ex-husband). This was how she thanked me for finding it for her. She also wrote a really beautiful card.

Happy early Christmas to me! It’s moments like this that make this job worth just a little more than a paycheck, and the benefits.


Horray for good internet speeds! I was doing 2Mbps for the past couple days :expressionless: rebooted everything and now it’s at 112Mbps :star_struck:
If only my brain could gain those speeds, my assignment would be done :grimacing:


@LP13413 Little gestures like this is what we need sometimes. So nice of her!

Woke up to find Mike tickets in the mail today! So excited for March! :smiley: About to sit down with my bucket of coffee and do some work. Flipping through Spotify right now trying to find what to listen to…




We are having a christmas decorating contest at work, so I decided to start by making my computer a fireplace lol :joy::joy:


Met up with my cousin in London…enjoying a nice meal at the pub!


Just finished watching The Haunting of Hill House. So freaking brilliant!!! @amitrish


How many ghosts were you able to count? :ghost: ‘The bent-neck lady’ is the new nun for me.

If you liked it, maybe try Hereditary. This one is pretty cool too. I couldnt stop talking for days after watching the movie.


Good morning guys :sunny: @lp13413 that’s sooo cool,:tada: she must have been overhappy that you found it, well done !! And that’s a proof that there are still nice people outside :heart: Grats to your new phone and the vinyl @evooba :confetti_ball:and I must watch the series- @amitrish and you made me really curious now … happy to find you browsing back at normal @NoireXJasper :joy:

Ot: :coffee: and :iphone:


It is a good series. Just get your blanket ready in case you feel scared.


Eating breakfast and watching TV getting ready for work 1 more day go then im off on Friday then I’m gonna to x mas shopping