What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


temporarily listening assassins creed sound tracks
permanantly checking threads! :smiley:


Where have you been? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lost in space and universe… But i regularly check in here… atleast one thread in 2-3 weeks :stuck_out_tongue: What about u?


Same thing. I only do 1-2 replies on threads lol :joy:


Happy to have you two back! :blush: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :grin:
@NoireXJasper @Honey8 :heart_eyes:


My mom’s bought the most annoying Christmas thing I can ever imagine, guess who have to untangled the little bells? :joy: :deer:


of course we cant catch up with months!! :joy:

Awesome to be here my dear!!! :heart_eyes:

sleeves up!! get to work! :joy:


As what I’ve said to you on Discord, I feel like, I am the newest member here in forums and don’t have an idea where to start honestly. :joy:

Though I barely checked and replied every topics I read here :joy:


in such case i just check notifs lol


I know I have to :joy: It’s all about the jingling…like reinder jingles, that gets me nuts :joy:


No no no! You have to follow @Honey8 example!! Go check EVERY thread and reply AAAAAAALLLL!!! :triumph:

Evilish laugh here:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

:hugs: :hugs: :cookie:


noo wayyy it says no likes!!! tis is the only thing i hate the most on forums!!!


:joy: :rofl:

Here’s :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :two_hearts: :heartpulse:


thaankss!! :heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I can try if those topics were pretty much easy to post replies for me. :joy:


Lol :joy: go try at least


Such a peaceful day at work, closed early and came home to a package from my flatmate’s mum with advent calendars and Xmas cookies! My mum is sending one too so we’re gonna have a full house :stuck_out_tongue:

@amitrish I didn’t count but I was paying attention. I’ll check the movie out!

Update: I’m ready for this!


That was in the mail today, so i’m going to read a bit of it (:heart_eyes:) and probably making diner then.


Just finished yoga. Now I’m snuggling next to Thurman in front of South Park. I would watch the news, but President Bush’s funeral’s on every other station instead.


If it is not 237, you will have to restart.
It is a random number.

Also, I found a shop next to my house which serves brilliant cookies. They also serve delicious breakfast at other locations but the one next to me is in a mall and thus, only serves confectioneries. So it will be :cookie: time every time.