What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


I’m watching the news and thinking about lunch in a few minutes. I also need to stop procrastinating and start my Christmas shopping. Maybe tomorrow.


About to sit down with some coffee and watch Mike’s set from last night.


enjoy it - the speech from mike before in the end was just heartful and so beautiful


Babysitting for my boss…have a feeling he’s going to make it a late one… :neutral_face:


Just waiting at las Vegas airport waiting to board heading back to San Francisco :grinning:


Home from work, safe from the bitter cold weather outside, and watching South Park.


Safe trip to S.Francisco!! :tada: :tada: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:


Still sick and eating soft food i can eat but it hurts me too much . But im off today


I’m off to bed!

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It’s my day off today and I need to go Xmas shopping :frowning: I hope I can be done fast and come home early.

Update: Just came home, it was madness and I didn’t even find everything I needed. Also, kind of pissed the HMV was closed (had no idea) since it was the only store I was really looking forward to visiting.


I did some Christmas shopping yesterday for the first time this season. I found one thing for me, and one thing for my secret Santa (my sister), so I might go back out this weekend.

On topic, brushing my teeths and curling up next to Thurman.


Hey yo lurker :joy: @LP13413 - I see you typing- and I love your goodnight gif :heart_eyes: stroke Thurman from me :wink: and stay strong Eva @evooba… I feel you … it’s madness - everything these days is madness

Ot: unwinding after a hard day - happy to come here and feel your good vibes family :yellow_heart::sunny::muscle:t2::hugs:


Wow, two in a row here from me??? Wow, it’s been a while since that happened :joy: wassup guys? :upside_down_face: Seems everybody is very busy these days :dash: crazy December - but it’s already the 13th :see_no_evil: whatever that means :crazy_face:- I kinda enjoy my insomnia atm to catch up here a bit… good old habits :laughing: anyway - enjoy whatever you do #makeChesterProud :heart:

Ot :sleeping_bed: & :iphone:


I’ve noticed that, too. This thread’s been slow as of late.

On topic:


Howdy folks! Right now I’m trying to find Christmas presents for under 20 bucks for children who have more than they need.

I’m thinking bath bombs with glitter and awesome, who doesnt love a good bath bomb right?


Home early, bebating if I should nap or not.


I just shoveled the driveway, it looked worse from inside, but it was just a dusting. Now I’m killing some time before work.


Just back from my works Christmas meal…was okish…,got annoyed at some people…wished I never went tbh!


Good morning lpu :sunny: it’s Friday :tada::dancer: yaay :sunny: wherever you are, whatever you do: stay strong :muscle:t2: everybody

Ot: :coffee: & :iphone:

Edit: special goodnight hugs :hugs: to @lp13413 - hope you don’t have to shovel this much snow today as yesterday :crossed_fingers:t2:


I think we’re in the clear until Sunday, that’s when we’ll see our next chance for snow, maybe some freezing rain.