What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Fun day at work today, Christmas jumpers, secret Santa and all. We have our party later today too :slight_smile:

I just exchanged gifts with my manager and I cannot believe he bloody got me Goat’s Requiem on special vinyl!!! So amazing! I’m super glad he liked my present too :slight_smile:


About to get in the jacuzzi with a glass of wine :smile:


Playing Super Mario.


hope you enjoyed it. The show was like a rollercoaster for my feelings :persevere::disappointed_relieved:


Yeah I did enjoy it and it was a good thing I waited to watch it because I was able to sing along to more songs. Yeah my emotions were fluctuating as well. The Lollipops & Unicorns song never ceases to put a smile on my face. I might turn that into an alarm or ringtone :joy:


I just came home from my work’s Xmas party. I know I complain a lot about them but I’m so very grateful for all of them, we had such an amazing time tonight!


When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind.




Good morning my lp family. Happy Christmas eve everyone i hope you have a great holiday. Im up early getting ready to go to work.


Having coffee and listening to music…


Have a great christmas eve guys :grin::hugs: Enjoy your time whatever you do today!


Happy Christmas Eve everyone. :heart::heart::black_heart::black_heart::tada::tada:


Thanks @Lilyope @raz7 ! :hugs: :hugs:

Happy Christmas Eve! :christmas_tree:


Happy Christmas eve to all Linkin Park Soldiers :metal:t2::heart:


Beautiful! Who did this? :heart_eyes:
Thanks! :hugs: :hugs:


Happy Christmas family :heart::christmas_tree:open up your hearts :yellow_heart::christmas_tree: and share where you’re able to, we make this world a better place and Chester proud :heart:

Ot: taking a bath :bath:t2: now


Merry Christmas everyone!:christmas_tree: I wish your Christmas Days be full of happinessfriendship and joy​:heart:

Wrap gifts


Merry Christmas and happy holidays LPU Family!!! I hope you all have a good time with your loved ones. :hugs::evergreen_tree::santa:t2::christmas_tree:

OT: I’m back from work. Now I’m cooking dinner and than I will watch Love actually and Kevin home alone :smile:


I found it on facebook - I love pictures like that and also ‘the scream’ :heart_eyes::heart:


Yeah! It’s nice! :grin: