What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


I did end up going for a beer, literally just came home. It was such a good night, we both needed to rant about work and talk about music and our future studio plans :stuck_out_tongue: I so need to sleep now, another crazy day awaits me tomorrow.


All fine? :confused: :hugs: :hugs:


All fine!! This house is just way too noisy for six people.


Ok! Nice to hear you’re fine! :smile: :sun_with_face: :hugs:


Trying to sleep…had a long drive today to see an old family friend…now relaxing in bed!


Drowning sounded really alarming- good to hear you’re well :+1:t2: and I take it your sisterrs are there for holidays? How is Thurman dealing with this activities in your house? Right now I had the idea that his peeing is maybe a protest about your sisters- or one of them- leaving ? Anyway- have a good time with them around @LP13413 and a goodnight- when the house gets silent then

@evooba sounds great, so he is a musician too? Good luck for your studio plans and happy that you had a great evening- you deserved it :grinning:

Ot: woke up way to early and ketchup here :crazy_face:


My sisters are still here for another month until they go back to their colleges. Thurman’s behaved himself of late. He hasn’t misbehaved in a while, which is good news.

We had someone here from the cable company today looking at our Internet, so he was locked up for a short time this morning.

On topic, listening to the new Chris Cornell album I received for Christmas.


New Chris Cornell album? A best of? Sounds interesting… how is it? must go google - didn’t knew nothing about it- what a shame :see_no_evil: and I wish you good nerves then for the next month Andy :wink:


It’s a greatest hits album that was released this year. It also has a couple unreleased songs. I only have the standard version. The deluxe version has so much more.


I just got back form the hospital and i still feel so bad that im up early watching cartoons . How was everyone holiday


Competing with my brother about who can play better the keyboard. He won me :cry: :joy: now I need to sleep. Goodnight.


@theearlywalker He plays a bit of guitar but not much. He just really loves music and he collects vinyls and all that, it’s great!

Another day at work for me, hopefully quiet.


Watching Youtube videos


Is new album good


Playing guitar after ages… I kind of missed it.


I always enjoy listening to Chris Cornell. The track listing is.

Loud Love (Soundgarden)
Outshined (Soundgarden)
Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog)
Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)
Can’t Change Me
Like A Stone (Audioslave)
Be Yourself (Audioslave)
You Know My Name (from the Casino Royale soundtrack)
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)
Long Gone (rock version)
Call Me a Dog (live in Toronto, 2011)
Been Away Too Long (Soundgarden)
Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart
Nothing Compares 2 U (live at SiriusXM, 2015) (previously unreleased)
The Promise
When Bad Does Good (previously unreleased)


On topic, taking a break from cleaning my room.


Thank you. @LP13413 I need to find where to get that album now


Home watching cartoons and relaxing into i go to bed


Firealarm just now- it’s 4:30h in Egypt where we are in a hotel- trying to get back to sleep now, but that’s not really fun :frowning: