What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Stay strong! I hope it’s nothing too serious.


Awww, thank you Andy :blush: We we’re sent back to bed- they claimed it not to be serious- so hopefully they’re right- but you know- my blood pressure raised a moment :sweat_smile: I hope you had a good day? And ofc I wish you a goodnight then :dizzy:


I’m glad to hear that you are fine, enjoy your trip and the bedtime :hugs:


Thanx bro :hugs: are you planning to join the plug for new years eve? Would be cool :blush:- and I’m wide awake :joy: @IronSoldier16


I will be there, hopefully this time plug will work well :smile: can’t wait for the meeting :hugs:


Glad to hear you are safe @theearlywalker! I hope you managed to get some sleep after. Enjoy yourself!


Heeey dear @AJ_7 thank you so much for always giving me the feel to be loved :heart: that must be said - you are one of the warmest persons I know- you make a difference :hugs::heart: Do you join us tonight?

Ot: :coffee: & :iphone:


:scream: stay safe!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :heart:


Thanx dear :hugs::hugs::heart: - I take it as a reason to #celebratelife today

Ot: ketchup- reviving threads … only 151 unread left- :running_woman:t3: - my goal until tonight…


Thank you so much for your kind words. You deserve it! We are having guests tonight for New Year’s so I won’t be able to make it unfortunately. Have fun!


@theearlywalker Glad you’re ok!

I’m off today and starting fairly late tomorrow so not sure what I’m going to do, most likely be lazy all day.


Have a wonderful night and all the best for your new year @AJ_7

Thank you @evooba, and a lazy day with good food and doing only things you love is the perfect plan for this year to end :+1:t2: - I join you- and you join us tonight? :beer: :notes: :man_dancing:t2:


Getting ready for New Year’s Eve!

Hope you all have a great new year. Love you all :heart::heart::heart::heart::metal::metal::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Highly doubt it. I’m going to my cousin’s for the night.


Spamming here at highh speed! Phone battery 5%!


About to have a glass of bubbly!


I’m about to head out for the night, so just in case, Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2019 will be just as good as this year. Have fun!


Happy new year to all.
Well i need a help. Does anyone know where that SoundCloud thread went? I am finding that since loong.


We just rang in the new year, and now I’m winding down before bed.

Speaking of bed, I should remember to clear mine off so I can sleep. I emptied my entire closet earlier, and there’s barely any room to move around.


Happy new year everyone! Stay safe and I hope 2019 is a great year for all of us!