What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Happy new year family :sunny: Goodnight Andi and I see you found the thread @Honey8 - curious about your new song

Ot: :coffee: & :iphone:


Running on 4 hours of sleep, heading out to go to work in a bit.

Hope you all had a wonderful night and have a great day today!


Happy New year everyone! I hope 2019 is great to you guys!


I just picked this up . I love it It was the only one . My Birthday present to myself Have a good day :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat: @LP13413


I’m unwinding from a big dinner, and making a list for myself for this year.


Good morning family :sunny: Wishing you all a good day :grin: and @LP13413 a whole list?? :thinking:Already? You make me curious what kind of list that is- if it’s a selfrewarding list then grats… :+1:t2:Will do one for myself for this year too :grin:

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Good morning lp family. Up early watching cartoons and drinking coffee.


Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed your last days of 2018 and began with a great day in 2019! :grin:

Having lunch before going back to work.


Back home early, about to get some much needed sleep.


Have a good nap :zzz:

Ot: about to take a shower soon


It’s just a small daily to-do list I want to try and stick to this year.

  • One more hour in my day before work makes such a huge difference.

Before I was hired full-time, my alarm was always set for 8 am. That was only because everybody liked to call as early as they possibly could to see what my availability was and if I could work for them that night. There were also long stretches of time when I wouldn’t work at all.

Once I was hired full-time, knowing that I had a set schedule every night, I switched to a 10:30 alarm to ensure that I got a full night’s sleep every night. I just recently in the last month started pushing my alarm back an hour, and I find that I like it a lot better.

  • Part of preparing my breakfast in the morning includes heating a bowl of oatmeal for two minutes. After I take it out of the microwave, I usually wait for it to cool down by completing a Sudoku puzzle (I receive a Page-A-Day calendar of them every Christmas).

I actually learned this from my dad, but here’s an article to back it up, but starting your day by drinking water not only replenishes the water you lost in your sleep overnight, but it could have some other benefits as well.

That one is a no-brainer for me. Water and Sudoku just kills two birds in one stone.

  • I want to at least start the year taking more warm showers. Warm water as opposed to hot water is better for skin/hair health, so I wanted to put that to the test for myself.

  • Yoga after my shower. Again, another no-brainer. I seem to be falling into the same routines, though, so I want to challenge myself a little more in that department this year.

  • I’ve been trying to get back into a regular routine of eating three solid meals a day.

Waking up at 10:30 didn’t really allow me the time to have a lunch in my schedule, this will just ensure that I stay on track this year. And then, taking a half-hour walk after lunch helps digest food better, so I want to start trying to add that to my routine as well.

  • Again, a 30-minute walk after dinner.

At work, I want to get into a habit of walking around the complex after I’m done with my dinner break. From the articles I’ve seen, walking for at least half an hour after both lunch and dinner can have great benefits in the long run.

  • The last one’s self-explanatory, but I’ve been trying to remember to make that a habit just before I go to bed every night.

On topic, binge-watching videos on YouTube, and sucking on an ice cube.


Good morning guys :sunny: Hope everybody is doing good? Why don’t you leave a small note here in our local twitter thread?! :+1:t2: @LP13413 Wow… It’s small paper but Big goals- good luck with breaking the habits, keep us updated and I think I gonna adapt the one with the water in the morning… :grin:

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:coffee::coffee::coffee: and cartoon getting ready to go to work then im off tomorrow.


On break at work, dealing with FSD again. Such morons :confused:


Watching Car SOS.

Gotham is TONIGHT! :heart::heart::heart::heart::metal::metal::metal:


I just booked all the flights and trains for March. I hope I won’t regret flying with low cost airlines.


Yes!! Can’t wait til the show :smiley: Hope everything goes as planned, especially if you’re flying Ryanair :sweat_smile:


Yes :frowning: Unfortunately one of the 3 flights had to be with Ryanair. The other 2 are EasyJet :confused: I even had to pay extra for Ryanair for a cabin bag since they don’t allow one now.


Actually, it’s an index card.

On topic:


Ah yes, they’re overcharging everything these days. Luckily you don’t have long flights right?