What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Sending strength to both of you! Hopping for the best!
Ginger tea can really help with the nausea!


I have a new job now! :grin: I’ll be working as Math teacher in the mornings (7:00-13:00) and as tutor in the afternoons (14:30-20:30) so I can’t be as active as I wished, but with the money of these two jobs I’ll be able to publish my book and work on my other personal projects :smile:


Unwinding from my night and watching South Park…and cleaning cat pee off the kitchen floor.


Oh no- :grimacing:- that’s not good @LP13413, hope you can relax now without such tasks… :see_no_evil:. Goodnight for you then when you go to bed :crescent_moon:

@IronSoldier16 yaay :tada: grats for your new job :tada: I’m so happy for you how things worked out now :+1:t2:

@anngelenee :hugs: hard times for you guys- sending you strength and always be aware that you don’t have to walk alone through these hard days- family has your back- we are here if you need to rant, to get some hugs or whatever you need- stay strong :muscle:t2:- it will all be good again :blush::hugs:

Ot :coffee: & :iphone: & water


I also caught a mouse tonight at work.

There’s one classroom that I’ve been setting three mousetraps in every single night for the last month and a half or so. Out of this room alone, I taken at least a dozen mice since Thanksgiving (the end of November).


:scream: I’m afraid for mouses… that sounds horrible for me - anyway- hunter grats :joy:


How much do you charge for your services? We’ve been getting rats the size of cats in the neighborhood :scream::joy:


One of my co-workers jokingly said we should invest in a cat, and just let it run loose in the building every night. We think there might be a nest somewhere in the wall.


I pray things go well :hugs::confused: keep your head up high for him and let him know we’re all sending him well wishes and strength through vibes :blush:


Heeey :tada:residential Batman- :tada::hugs::blush: we missed you- troops were sent to the dessert to find you… where have you been? Good to have you back @framos1792- hope you had a good time?!


Helloooo! :smile: Batman is good! :grin: I guess I just needed to recharge the forum batteries before trying to break it again with the onion buddies :crazy_face:
But all good, I was really busy first with school then work before holidays then the actual holidays and theeeeen I got sick :roll_eyes::confused: but all good now, or coming out of it at least and yeahhh, happy to be back and hyper for fun :upside_down_face:
I missed youuuu :hugs:


Sounds perfect- :laughing: so the forums will burst again- :joy: onion battles everywhere around? :crazy_face:! Let’s get ready to ruuuuumbleeeee guys :loudspeaker: :rofl:


At least until Jordan puts us on timeout :grimacing:
Ooooor until we get flagged for being worse than Charlie :smile:


:rofl: let’s wait and see :wink:


Wait there! Just Cris can be worse than Charlie, we’re just two funny guys who have no control :joy:


Who’s cris? :thinking::hushed:

Anyway, OT:hyper, just because I want to use these :grimacing:

Rise and shine eurpoean soldiers! Friday Friday!!!


Chris Styles, the pendejo Who has the longest expulsion on the forum.


Aaaaaaaaaaah! Okay, I did not know :thinking:
And you said cris and all I could think of was cris angel :joy::sweat_smile:


Jajaja Cris angel here? He couldn’t survive one day with us around him :joy:

On Topic:
Spamming a bit.


Having breakfast and preparing for gym :muscle: