What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Relaxing in my room with a cup of coffee in my head watching cartoons lol :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::rofl::rofl:


@evooba hope is everything alright and that the fire alarm wasn’t to serious… Maybe a fire drill?

OT: Getting ready to sleep! I have a weekend full of friends and family reunions :joy:


Home from work. I have to back in eight hours, but not before bed time.


Good Morning soldiers, :sunny:, busy weekend ahead for me too, the normal crazyness continues :see_no_evil:- but it’s ok- sending strength to everybody here, whatever you do, don’t forget to make him proud :sunny:

@evooba good to hear you have this trust from your boss, and I know you’ll do it great. All the best for you, as always :muscle:t2::blush:

@LP13413 have a good shift then and I think wishing a goodnight is late now already :laughing:, nevertheless: have a good day
@hilaryfol good to see you in a good mood :grinning: @Lilyope enjoy your weekend :sunny: last but not least welcome @manypintas to the forums :sunny::grinning:

Ot: :coffee: & :iphone: & water


Thank you, have a great weekend too! :hugs::grin:

OT: Waking up slowly, i’ll have coffee and probably watch “You” on Netflix.


@rickvanmeijel @lpfan61 @Lilyope @raz7 @melisLP @annejprado @IronSoldier16 @manypintas @framos1792 @LP13413 Thank you so much for your kind words and your support we really appreciate that :heart: Have a nice weekend :sunny:


Pt. 2 :wink:@theearlywalker @AJ_7 @OneMoreLight2017 @StephLP18 @evooba Thank you so much for your kind words and your support we really appreciate that :heart: Have a nice weekend :sunny:


Drinking coffee watching tv. Until i fall back to sleep


I just returned from a very productive day at work. I also walked down to the shopping center to find a new pair of laces for my boots, with no success. after which I enjoyed a very bitter walk home.

Right now it’s 20°F, but it feels like 14. That’s roughly -7°C, and feels like -10.


Watching funny Top Gear news


I just stopped in to say HI and wish everyone a great weekend Now i am off to go food shopping .


Wow, that’s colder than it is here- brrr - get yourself a hot drink- sending you warmth :fire: and I hope you have a free day tomorrow @LP13413?!!

@kathy357 nice you show up- get a :hugs: and stay strong

Ot: playing & music and about to go to bed soon- goodnight soldiers :crescent_moon:


I have a day off tomorrow, yes. I jumped right under a blanket once I walked through the door, haha. No mice today.


Revenge of the mouse! :mouse: :grin:


Hahaha- nice mice pic :joy:- stay warm there where you are- enjoy and relax until your back hurts :+1:t2:


Getting sick i’m feel like something is worng with me every time i eat i get sick to my stomach.


Babysitting…feeling tired already and got a 40 min drive home later :open_mouth:


Went to Camden for a friend’s birthday straight after work and came back home just now. Feel so tired, cant believe I need to be up in just 6 hours for work.


Linkin Park playing during the La Rams game :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Running From My Shadow played while I was in lids today.