What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Ohhh- okeee- then I wish you all the best for your examams - are you well prepared? I’m sure you’re doing great :+1:t2:


O yea, I’m doing great in life as well as studies


How many posts and topics can we make per day?


Posts are unlimited I guess, but please don’t spam topics- we already have topics for almost everything- check if you can use one of them before creating a new- people who create random topics just for their own sake upset the family- we try to keep it clean here- and another thing on keeping the forums clean: we have to try to stay on topic - we are far from this atm with our conversation in this thread- if you like to continue our talk then let’s move to the last letter game- this is the secret chat-room …


Yesterday was my first day, I reached my limit


@kg1462003- Hello, I can’t remember how it works but it’s only for a few days while you get approved then you will be able to post much more :blush: happy to have you here :+1:t3:

@anngelenee I’m really happy to hear his surgery worked out okay… it’s a difficult position to be in but keep your spirits up and he will be in much better shape in no time, especially since he has you there with him :blush: sending you both the very best wishes… :hugs:

@OneMoreLight2017 I hope you’re making good progress on your work! Wishing you clarity and focus so you move speedily through your writing :hugs: believe in yourself and chip away little by little and things will be aaalright :grinning: and iiiin the end it will have mattered :sweat_smile:

Ot: bedtime… days seem to go by so quickly lately…


She forgot to reply lol
She’s from Germany :blush:

Good luck with your exams!!! :muscle: :hugs: :sun_with_face:

OT: going to do some other sketches :see_no_evil:


My job don’t let me be with him and the clinic is quite far away but there’s hopes that he come back to home very soon.

Thank you all for support! :heart:


Go to work and it cold outside don’t what to to go outside UGH :disappointed_relieved::tornado::tornado::tornado:


Having lunch with my colleagues. Hope im done working in 2 hours, i want to go home :joy:

@anngelenee take care :kissing_heart:

@kg1462003 welcome :smile:


Only 50 days left till the concert :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: cant wait :smile::smile:


Trying to stay warm

With the wind chill at 27 below zero right now


Keep warm :coffee:

One hour and a half and I won’t have to ask @discobot if I could go home


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Thanks @discobot. You could send me a helicopter, please


Hahahaha :joy:


Enjoying the warm before I have to brave the cold walk to work in a couple hours.


I just watched the Fort Minor - Welcome video in 360. Didnt knew how to do that, but i just found how to do it so ofc, i immidiatly checked it out :grin:
Now im going to listen to LP music en puzzle for a bit.


I just saw this lol


Back from work, survived a massive event. My flatmate seems to be back too, sleeping away her jetlag I assume. Poor thing, her 1st flight was cancelled, then her second one was 3 hours late AND they lost her suitcase. :confused: