What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


@birdy1989 we’re all here for you whenever you need to talk! Reach out on the forums and you will get a whole bunch of people willing to listen!

Glad you are better @LP13413. It’s ok to have days like this. As long as you have a way to unwind, everything is fine

Good morning everyone! Have a wonderful day!


Geting ready for work not feel goood but i have ti go in . To cold out. Have a good day lp family.


Woke up to snow, I might reconsider my plans for today, not sure I want to go out.


@lpfan61 @StephLP18 im not really a writer, is just suddenly felt the need to write down what was on my mind and explain what its like to have the anxiety’s i have and what it means and stuff. So im not really a writer :joy: it did work calming tho, so i might do it more often :blush:

OT: going to meet a friend and we are going to walk a little in this amazing piece of nature :smile: hope you all have a nice day

@evooba and @AJ_7 thanks, good to know :kissing_heart:


Yes, it’s good for that! :muscle: :smile:

Have fun!! :grin: :hugs: :hugs:

OT: coffee after lunch :yum:


Good afternoon guys :sunny::sunny: Hope everyone has a good Friday @lp13413 sending strenght and the paycheck is always a good motivation to move on… :yen: @framos1792 thanx for being this open again, I hope these thoughts pass by quickly and probably you really have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders?!! Stay strong :muscle:t2:, same for all soldiers who have these thoughts @birdy1989 as @AJ_7 said, reach out … and maybe you can create a new thread for your wish to talk to other soldiers with same thoughts? Sending you strenght too :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: -

Ot: considering to make a nap now after lunch since I’ve a cold again :sneezing_face:


Just got the picture of my walk this afternoon. We spotted some deer :smile: and i just love the picture she took of me :blush: I’m feeling pretty good today!


This was probably ten-fifteen years ago, but my dad and I had a close encounter with a deer once. We were hiking out of our campsite through the woods, and there was a deer standing right in the middle of our trail. We just stared at each other for a moment, then it took off into the woods.

We didn’t have any reaction time to capture that moment, but we both remember that vividly.

On topic, just finished yoga, and watching the cat beg for food. My mom’s home on her lunch break, and I’m thinking about lunch myself.


Wow is that in the Netherlands?


hello, I hope this will be seen and sorry that it´s off topic, I hope it´s ok. While reading something about the contest for early entry in Tel Aviv I´ve read that the Full Name of your LPU account has to be the same as the Name on your ID. But now I don´t know if I entered my complete Full name and I can´t find where I could check it…
I hope someone can help me!


I think you have to go to your profile and change the name…but I’m not sure it’s the one you have to change…

@evooba maybe you know better?


I just can find my username :confused:


Your username is “meretlp”, but since you can join the forum for free,so without being a LPU member, I don’t know if changing it means something… :sweat_smile: Also any thing you want to change, you have to go to the main lp site and go directly to your account…


I already tried, but I can´t find my normal full name which I used to sign up as lpu member. But I think I used my real name (just not 100% sure) so it won´t be a problem haha


It’s on your profile on the main page, if you go to “manage account” you can change your name.

OT: Trying to relax as much as possible, it will be a long night.


Thanks for your help! :hugs:
Have a nice relax! :smile:


@rickvanmeijel yes, it is in the Netherlands :grin: it’s in the Amsterdamse waterleiding duinen. Was my first time there, but my friend walks there at least once a month. There are deer everywhere! :heart_eyes:

OT: going to sleep. Today was a really great day. Because of the long walk with my friend, it was a day with less anxiety as other days. So I’m going to start my night more relaxed then other nights. That doesn’t happen that much, so I’ll cherish that :blush:
Good night all, talk to you tomorrow xx


Veeeery happy to hear that!! :smile: Have a good good night and sweet dreams! :hugs: :hugs: :heart:

OT: browsing :grin:


Babysitting for my boss and the kids are finally asleep! Yesterday my boss said he got a record player for Xmas so I said I’d bring some vinyls over to show the kids…and today my boss said the boys are looking forward to seeing what I was guna bring. Their exact words were “I hope she brings a Linkin Park vinyl!” Hahaha I have them well trained!!


Niiiiiiceee!! :heart_eyes: :heart: :grin: :hugs: