What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Just finished watching Bohemian Rhapsody. Mind blown.


Fresh home from work, and gearing up for a long fucking day tomorrow.

I also added this to one of my utility closets last night.


@alz89 well trained indd, I’m proud of you :sunglasses:

Just woke up with a terrible pain in my shoulder :sweat_smile: guess I couldn’t resist again to sleep in a really uncomfortable position… #mrs.badluck :joy:

I just looked out the bathroom window and the snow is gone :cry: to bad…


That’s cool, never seen wild deer like that!


Some people are now like: “how the f is that possible, the Netherlands is really small!” :joy: but you’d be surprised how much there is to see :smirk:


Lol :joy: @LP13413 - lmao… have a great weekend family and make him proud :heart: whatever you do

Ot: lunchtime :yum: - chickensoup to cure the cold :blush:



Get well soooon! :hugs: :sun_with_face: :heart: :hugs: :hugs:

OT: lunch too :relieved:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you are the greatest :kissing_heart: thanx my dear :hugs::heart: and enjoy your lunch :yum: @lpfan61


Awwwwwww!!! Thank youuuu!! :blush: :kissing_heart: :hugs:


@theearlywalker hope you’re feeling better soon

OT: I’m sitting on the couch, wondering what I’m going to do next…


Going to sleep. Good night/evening everyone, talk to you in the morning :blush:


I hope you will have a fast recovery @theearlywalker! :blush::hugs:

Ot: Going to bed after watching some episodes of Terace House on Netflix. Goodnight all :hugs:


Watching top gun and rexling in my bed trying to get better


Home from work, eating pizza by the television.


Thank you :hugs: and I only mentioned them to kind of understand @birdy1989 a bit with how it can feel awkward to mention things like that…
geez this was a couple days ago :see_no_evil:

Ot: literally just watching the windows rattling and vibrating with the stupid wind… we’re getting gusts of over 50mph at times :face_with_raised_eyebrow: hard to sleep :sleeping:


@theearlywalker how are you feeling today? :kissing_heart:
@hilaryfol get well soon!
@LP13413 I am so jealous! U want pizza too :joy:

Just woke up with a positive feeling! Hope it will stay long today :grin: going to see my parents new home today, so I will probably lose the positivity soon lol

Have a nice day to my LP Family and @the_termin8r :wink:


Good morning family :sunny: Have a good sunday everybody and I feel definitely better today, thanx for caring @birdy1989 :hugs: I’m happy you feel good today :blush: and no worries @framos1792 :grin: I just felt like sending you a bonecrusher after reading this…:hugs: sending strength to you all soldiers- :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: and remember? You never walk alone :sunny: goodnight Andy @LP13413 and have a nice and hopefully free Sunday then… and to all Americans: happy superbowl Sunday :football:

Ot: :coffee: & :iphone: & water :sweat_drops:


Oh right, it’s super bowl sunday! Enjoy everyone :smile:


Getting ready for the Super bowl


As Google doesn’t like me anymore, I’m transfering my files somewhere else.