What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Sending strenght! Get well soon! :hugs: :hugs: :muscle:


I just wanna say hun you are not alone I am like this everyday I start something and then just stop I am having a midlife crisis The winter blues Life in general lately I always end up here or my LP Groups Everything is kept confidential You can pretty much trust anyone here Just remember you are Important and your feelings matter. You are loved here @birdy1989 Hang in there :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::grinning::grinning:


@kathy357 thank you so much for the kind words :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

@hilaryfol get well soon, take it easy :yellow_heart:

OT: just got a call from my mother in law if I could go see my grandma cause her tv didn’t work (i live like 5 minutes away from her). So I just went and put the television back on the right source channel​:joy::joy: her Alzheimer is getting worse every day


Get well soon


Enjoying my day off with a little yoga, followed by doing some laundry.


Watching ‘The Good Doctor’…
@birdy1989 - it’s been said that constrictors don’t crush their prey but they make the prey’s blood circulation collapse…. True?

@the_termin8r - a guy with a nail in his forehead was brought to the hospital.


:hushed: how’s that possible??


If a woman with a nail in his forehead is able to discuss her problems…

It’s about the episode I’m watching (not the real life), by the way. He fell down while keeping a nail gun in his hands.


Oh poor guy :sweat_smile:


@hilaryfol Get well soon :hugs:

OT: Watching TV


Gonna sleep now. Good night!


Back from babysitting…thought it would be a really late one but the husband wasn’t well…so now I’m still wide awake so going to watch a movie.


Going to sleep now


@anomalia yes, all snakes that use strangulation grab their prey by the neck (at least they try to, sometimes they don’t grab it very well…) and then they wrap themselves around their prey so the blood circulation is blocked and most of the time (because they are grabbed by the neck) they can’t breath properly anymore. So it takes like a minute or so to die.
But it does happen sometimes that they break the spine during the strangulation.


:thinking: OK, seems they like hugs but sometimes they may exaggerate….

By the way, good morning everyone!


Right, good morning all :smile:

I looked for a little video I made when my phyton was eating and stuff, but I don’t have it anymore. Could make a new one if you’d like to see how it works :joy:


I’ve seen it once at the zoo. At the age of maybe 6. I symphatized with the mouse, by the way. :slight_smile:


:sunny::sunny: Good morning family :sunny::sunny: just finished breakfast with my daughter- hope you all have a great Sunday ahead- full of love :heart: peace :hugs: and happy feels :sunny: , sending strength :muscle:t2::sunny::sunny: to everybody who could use it :blush: #makeChesterProud :rainbow:


When Tequila was small he had to eat mice, but that didn’t really bother me. When he got bigger I needed to feed him rats and I actually cried at the first time I fed him a rat…

@theearlywalker thank you so much, same to you :kissing_heart:


@theearlywalker Happy belated birthday to your daughter! I hope you’ve had a nice day together :slight_smile:

@LP13413 @Lilyope Same over here lol! The last few days it’s windy like crazy.

@hilaryfol Sending you strength!