What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Skiing in Austria :blush: the first ski slope was hell, my demons had a lot of fun :sweat_smile: but it’s going better now :pray:t2:


Show them who rules.


working… wishing that the day lasted at least 48 h. Think i have to work during the weekend! :thinking::rofl::sob:

hope everyone had a great weekend and Carnival! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Uhm… don’t you feel cold like that?? With the jacket open?? :scream: :cold_face: I would freeze lol :laughing:
Have fun!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


you’ve got your kerrang since yesterday :scream: are you from UK?

I’m still waiting for my kerrang :smiley:


Getting ready for my job interview today. I going to get a 2nd job for me.


No way, it’s 12 degrees Celsius :grin: the snow sucks tho, way to soft.
Thanks, I will have fun now :smile: the first hour was living hell, way to many demons talking. Now it’s going way better and it’s a good distraction :smile:

@hilaryfol good luck with your job interview! Let us know how it went :pray:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2:


Yeah I am.


I haven’t been skiing in ten years, it would be nice to hit the slopes again someday. It’s difficult finding time to do things when you work full-time. Plus, we’re nearing the end of the winter season.

On topic, sitting with my cat in the sun and watching the news. After I leave work tonight, I have to go back and work the morning shift, so I get to pack two lunches tonight!


By the way, how is Worm?


For the most part, good. Better. Still sporadic, but we manage.


Just thought you would work day and night because of him


No, I get to work alongside him tomorrow. My boss is taking a day off instead.


If nothing happens to him in the meantime… Hopefully


Hey lp family i. Got the job and i don’t know when i start but i have orientation on Tuesday morning


Congrats!! :tada: :tada: :sun_with_face:


Good morning family :blush::sunny: Friday again… means weekend starts soon for a lot of us :grin: two days to recharge :+1:t2: sending strength to you all and grats @hilaryfol, great you got the job :tada: @LP13413 good goodnight buddy - :crescent_moon: have a good rest and hopefully the second shift won’t be heavy :smile:

Ot: :coffee: & :iphone: & :sweat_drops:


Of course I wake up sick the day I’m back to work and 2 days before the show, great timing!

Hope you guys have a good day! :slight_smile:


@evooba Get well soon!
@hilaryfol Congrats! Good luck with the orientation :slight_smile:

Gonna go to the cinema tonight watching Captain Marvel


Happy international womans day ladies :rose: and get well soon Eva @evooba