What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


@birdy1989 I’m actually worse today but it’s ok. I’ll survive!

Just came home from work, will try to relax and then prepare for tomorrow :slight_smile:


Watching Mike’s show in Paris right now, Dan is broadcasting it on his FB page.


Good afternoon lp family. Home doing my hair and now watching Cartoons


Good morning all, I hope everyone has a wonderful sunday :blush:
@evooba how are you feeling today? You are going to see Mike tonight :smile::smile:
@Lilyope how was it? :smile: Saw some pictures and video’s in Twitter, it looked awesome :heart:


Bed time!! Goodnight LPU!


The show was awesoooome! :grin::heart_eyes: I already miss him! :joy:

And you, how are you @birdy1989? :blush:
Goodnight @LP13413!

Have a good day guys, and for those in London, enjoy the show!!! :grin::grin::grin:


@LP13413 good night :kissing_heart:
@Lilyope great to hear :smile:
I’m doing okay, little anxious today, but the vacation distracts me a lot during the day. Only had 1 massive anxiety attack in the last couple days. So I have faith, I’ll make it till my appointment on the 22th :pray:t2: and ofc the thought of seeing Mike on the 21th keeps me positive :heart_eyes: I get more excited with every show he gives :joy: reading all the reactions and seeing al the pictures and video’s :heart:


I twisted my ankle…yup…


How? When? :scream_cat:


Trying out Anthem for the first time :smiley:


The national anthem for the first time? Shame! :rofl:


I don’t even know the one we have in America lmao, they may as well kick me out of the country too.


Be careful, they may read it. They are everywhere :rofl:




What happend? :scream:


@anomalia and @birdy1989 I tripped on the curb I hope I will not end up in the cast


@anngelenee ouch :persevere: hope your ankle feels better soon :kissing_heart:
@evooba are you at the venue? :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2:
To everyone who goes to the London show: HAVE FUN AND ENJOY EVERY SECOND :tada:


Thank you :kissing_heart::hugs: my city is full of suprises and old protruding curbs lol


Have you seen the doctor or had it X-rayed?


Have x-rayed and the doctor on duty (surgeon) after physician diagnosis tell me that I have to meet orthopaedist tomorrow…