What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


@StephLP18 why, what happened? Was it the tornado? :fearful:


No it was the the new landlord I don’t want to get into it right now


Watching RHCP’s historic show in Egypt.


Hope to join soon…


Just got home from cleaning my parent’s house. Gonna head and go pick up a drawing I got framed in few minutes.


Show us the drawing then


@lauralou42 yes, show us the drawing :smile:
@StephLP18 okay, take it easy :kissing_heart: of you do need to talk about it, we will be right here


Thank you very much. @birdy1989


Here it is


:rofl: @anomalia and @chigokurosaki, I think you’re thinking about the wrong anthem :rofl:

Or: hey everyone! Hope everyone has an awesome day! Gonna call it quits for tonight pretty soon :sleeping:


What else is there besides the national anthem? I seriously don’t know, and don’t care, lol.


Anthem the game :joy::joy::joy:

It’s supposed to be the second coming of halo :upside_down_face:
When y’all started talking about the national anthem though, I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not so I started cracking up lol


:rofl: I was kidding… Haven’t you got it? :rofl:

However, I think I know more of the US anthem than the game above.


Good morning family. Im getting ready to fo a work out then get dressed for work
Im off Monday but im gald i only work one job. I was supposed to be working the other job. But he was rude


Playing the grand tour game


Never seen such a thing, that’s amazing

Good luck! I hope the moving process will transpire smoothly :slight_smile:

That’s pretty awesome. Did you know we have a special thread for drawers? It’s this one: Playing with the Drawing tools!

Have a good weekend guys :sunny:


Rewatching yesterday concert in Padua while I’m on the bus to go in Zurich. Wild show. Something unbelievable…truly
I love him :black_heart:


@anomalia and @chigokurosaki Haha I thought you were both joking about!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I was.
But I didn’t know it’s a game.

I thought it was a band. :wink: Sounds like a name of a death metal band.


It’s Saturday and a have a day off! I have to work a long day tomorrow, though.

On topic, breaking in a new pair of headphones.