What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


I’m translating the article for my cousin.


Disney movies are for any age! I’m a kid at heart…

OT: Just back from Body Pump class (new release is great!) and now will grab a snack then be an adult and clean my flat. I’m out of clean coffee mugs…and cutlery :roll_eyes:


Came back from a little walk in the woods after the national parade. Going to play WoW and probavly watching netflix series then.


Chores are done :white_check_mark: and lunch too- getting ready to go for grocery…


Watching the game and trying not to fall asleep again jaja


Life with meme https://instagram.com/p/BlOCXkKDMwf/


About to run out to get a bite to eat as soon as my dad gets home.


just came home from my side job


:hushed: Spider-Man? :hushed:


unfortunately no😂


Damn…I was gonna try to recruit you :joy:
If those spidey senses kick in after one of those escapes like in the video, you know who to call :sweat_smile:

Ot: going home from side job too :stuck_out_tongue:


Try to recruit Spider-Man just to take out me and Joker? It will never work :stuck_out_tongue:


For whatever reason, Homer Simpson won’t stop singing in my head.


I thought we were on the same side now :joy:
Spider pig!!! :grin:


Waking up slowly, waiting for coffee time.


Internet stuff while I wake up, love a lazy Sunday.


Good morning LPU :sunny::sunny::sunny:️ Have a great Sunday everybody :blush:

Ot: slowly getting my butt in motion - :coffee:️ Is done, and I feel like doing the laundry! What? :joy:


:crazy_face: laundry?? :joy:
Are you ready for the German lesson teacher?? :grin: :muscle:

OT: going to wash my hair…later! :wave:


Loool :joy: yep- going to go for it now :blush: :sunny:@lpfan61


Trying not to kill everyone at work today.