What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


why would someone wake up at 04 o clock🙄

Have a nixe day and enjoy the coldness😅


I won’t lie.

I’m not feeling well and I tired to pretend that I am. … There are things I can share with all of you, but others no…

I appreciate all of you, from the bottom of my heart… And… I don’t want to bother anyone with my depression/sadness anymore…

I now I shouldn’t “cut” the communication with the forum, but I can’t continue with this…

My problems take me under a constant pressure and I can’t control them…

However, I’ll be posting some random things here rarely, until my situation gets better or I have a final answer to my life…

I’m not looking for attention of any kind with this, nor words of encouragement. Please don’t tell them to me now… I am not saying goodbye or I’m dying… I am only informing you what’s happening with myself…

On Topic:
Taking a break from the forums…

Until I will be better:
-Manuel. (Aka ironsoldier16)


Thanx for your honesty and family is always here for you :hugs: @IronSoldier16

@DavidZinssler - good question- maybe a contribution for the smart question thread? :joy:

Ot: showered and about to face the repairing of the lawn mower :roll_eyes: under supervision from my great friend and engineer @the_termin8r ( god give him patience :pray:t2:)


Voting for linkin park to win the MTV video music awards they deserve this .


Doing various work bits and bobs, and listening to Post Traumatic


We’ll be here waiting for you!! :kissing_heart:


Back from work. emjoying some tea watching the rain outside.


We’re here for you.

Ot: hanging at my parents house. I went to a baby shower this morning for a cousin.


Having an amazing time at my cousins hen do! I’m only having 2 drinks and everyone else is on it, we all having fun!


I just came home from a free concert (five bands, yes, the entire show was free).

Trampoline Jetstream and My So-Called Band are both local. It was a fun show in the middle of the street downtown. From Ashes To New also performed their tribute to Chester, and they also talked about him a little bit.


Still packing up :crazy_face:


Having a hot bath and relaxing after a crazy weekend!


Getting ready to see my son. With my dad and his brother .


Celebrating my mums birthday with my dad as well


Working on my next video project, and about to take a quick shower.

On an unrelated note, I made the local news last night.


Getting ready to go to the pier in San Francisco
Heading toward Ripley believe it or not museum


Just came home from work, deciding on dinner right now.


Good Monday morning guys :sunny::grinning: have a good start of the week and don’t let anything bother you :muscle:t2: :sunny:️- looking fwd to your new vid @LP13413

Ot :coffee:️ and :iphone:


Cleaning my room and I found 2 unicorns


They’re beautiful!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :grin: