What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Adrianne Playing. Always makes me feel grounded when life gets a little too hard.


Parents are here. Quick mini tour of the house is done and they are now settled for the week! :slight_smile:
They surprised me by bringing my entire cd collection (a whole suitcase!) and I almost cried!

Goodnight guys!

PS: @OneMoreLight2017 Reminds me of when I first started at my job. It good when you get to become friends with coworkers slowly…


Watching car reviews.


Having lunch and watching a New Girl episode.


Awwww- sooo happy for you both @evooba - can’t imagine how much this means to you- great parents :yellow_heart:… and @OneMoreLight2017 finally the got what a wonderful person you are :tada:- have a good start of the week and don’t forget - he’s proud of us all :heart_eyes:

Ot: home after work- it’s like a carousel atm there- spinning right round - or more of a rollercoaster :roller_coaster: - :coffee:️ and relaxing now :slight_smile:️ …


Watching WatchMojo videos


Off to babysit the neighbours 3 kids…hope they get to bed easily tonight!


Just finished rearranging my shelves so I could fit everything. Had to take down some Chester/Mike things :confused:


Watching a video and trying not to laugh!

Also, @evooba, awesome collection


It’s not a lot but thanks :slight_smile:


Just got home form work and I am exhausted


Catching up on the Sept, 12th Member Guest podcast.


… back to normal

:coffee:️ & :iphone:

Have a good day soldiers and goodnight @LP13413 :zzz: and Thurman :cat2:


I hope that you get some more items. It’s an awesome collection though


I’m kinda shocked right now, cause I realized that the “one more light” music video turns “1” today :broken_heart: I’m really sad and fighting with some tears

hug ya all guys :heart:


Sometimes it hard to see this video it very sad


Nothing much just relaxing all day


yep 100%.

this song and this videos catches me so often :persevere:


Damn… a freaking year already. Seems like yesterday when I watched this for the first time