What are you watching this minute?


The yin (or yang :smile:) thread to the What are u listening to-thread. Post the videos that you’re watching right now!


@NickGr You might find this interesting


I’m watching…my phone


The river…


(drowns @framos1792 in said river )


Lmao are you baptizing me? :sweat_smile:
I have to keep my wishful thinking :grimacing:


13 reasons why


You know, I’ve been debating making this thread for at least a year now. But that ‘U’ in the title is driving my OCD up the wall. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not the to?


I didn’t even spot that until you mentioned it. :joy:

If Rick doens’t change it by the end of tomorrow, I’ll edit it myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m trying to watch The Affair…NO


Toy Story 3


Youtube Poops to Star Wars and Star Trek. Finished watching Red 2


I’m liking the new thread title. :joy:


LOL was that you?


No, I thought it was you. I would have ditched the 2 as well. LMAO


I’ve got my money on it having been meme that changed it then lol


Wrong chief. There’s only one true meme lord in these parts.


Ot: why did the chicken cross the road? Well…work with me…rooster :sweat_smile:

I’m literally watching this lil dude play with his life lmao makes me think of hei hei :rofl:


In my city I see a chicken everytime I go from school to my home because it’s the pet of a man :rooster: