What are you watching this minute?


Spoiler: she was on the roof and about to fall down


Not gonna have a good night. Watching ‘Split’.


I don’t understand, this movie wasn’t scary or anything. I’d actually like to see the new one, Glass.


It was scary enough to scare me :slight_smile:
Even that guy himself while not doing anything scary, just sitting in an armchair and talking to the old lady.


That’s why I always watch parodies of horror films :joy:


Mindblowing. I think you’d like this @lpfan61 @Woco21


You wouldn’t like a lot of the movies i’ve seen then.


My parents are watching Avatar. I’m watching Dredd 2012


Quite possible. Sometimes there is more action in my head than on the screen. Just imagine what a grinning guy in an armchair might do :laughing:





Brilliant interview with Jordan Peterson


BTW, I love the game.




John Wick, this movie is insane. Lol




Sorry, it has to be boring, when you want to see something funny watch this

This thing is full of hidden messages so the fun is in finding them