What are your thoughts on the album RECHARGED?


What are your thoughts on the album RECHARGED?

Prior the release I was afraid, that I couldn’t like it. Because I absolutely don’t like EDM, Techno and stuff like that. And now it comes how it has to come. The album isn’t my taste. There are some remixes that sound ok to me. But other songs just suck. VICTIMIZED is just unhearable for me. UNTIL IT BREAKS also.

Well, that’s only my opinion. What are your thoughts?


I like Reanimation but Recharged is definitely not Reanimation 2.
I like Castle of Glass (Mike Shinoda remix) - This song has an Intro somewhat like “The Raid” and ALTNC.
(I am not a fan of remix or dubstep songs much).


Personally I like the album, has remixes from different genres. Like trap, prog house, and dubstep. I think that was why the Living Things was structured so that the remixes were done to fit the style.

But the downside was getting some unknown remixers on the album, that no one has ever heard off. This may have bought down the quality of the remixes.

Personally - I would have a list of the followeing established producers to release the recharged album.

  • Armin van Buuren
  • Ferry Corsten
  • Tiesto
  • Martin Garrix
  • Afrojack
  • Hardwell
  • Markus Schulz
  • Diplo
  • Feed Me
  • Deadmau5
  • Sander van Doorn


I dare not listen


This album contains a lot of new music cliches (or what I think are cliches for music) which makes me not like it too much. I don’t hate it, but it’s my least favorite album if I count remix albums. Some of the things I hate are repetitive lyrics, the drum beats that are repeated at the same pace that get slightly faster, distorting voices, and electronic instrumentals. Linkin Park has been done the lyric distortion a ton through the years though, mainly on Chester’s lyrics, and it’s one of few things I don’t like about some Linkin Park songs. Then again, most of the things listed wasn’t from Linkin Park and was from the remixers


well first they were the perfection of music but now its ok just lpu if u read this please u got one of the best guitar players of the world Phoenix and brad so please use them more


I didn’t like most of it, I’m not into much EDM, however Rick Rubin’s reboot was okay though.


Recharged is nothing less than a great album. It is true that Linkin Park has evolved but that doesn’t make them bad in anyway. Linkin Park will always be my favorite band. This album is another great remix but to be honest Reanimation is a little better but in no way is Recharged a bad album. I’m sick of all the hate on this album. Anyways Recharged is a great album to crank up and jam to and definitely recommend it. LP 4 Life!


I’m enjoying it so far. I enjoy electronic dance though.
However, I’m heartbroken that In My Remains is not on there. Was by far my favourite track from Living Things.


Personally I’m not the biggest fan of EDM and wasn’t sure that i would like the album, but I think most of the remixes are really great. I love A Light That Never Comes and Mike’s remix of Castle of Glass. So all in all I’m gonna give Recharged my thumbs up. I love that LP always push their boundaries creatively, experiment with the unexpected and always give us something fresh and new.


I love the album! I usually don’t listen to remixes, but I really enjoy listening to it.
Of course there are some parts I don’t like, but I think it’s a great album.


Thanks for your replies and honest opinions so far. It’s interesting to see what other fans think about it. I like it, that everybody here can speak freely about his feelings, without causing a shitstorm :wink:


[quote=Jay Plent]I dare not listen
Just give it a try. I’m curious what you think :slight_smile:


I like it - but it isn’t something I want to play over and over again like the other albums. I think I listen to the Reliving Things remixes by fans more LOL! But it is a good place holder until the next album. I do wish the critics would quit saying it’s the worst thing ever - most of the articles read as if the band is just dying off slowly which is clearly NOT the case.


I’m not a fan of edm, but really enjoy recharged! I think that recharged is the perfect end of the lp evolution and that they’ll go back some steps now!


I think its e very special remix album. The one part love it and the other hate it. Its always the same when e lp album came out :wink: but hei… That’s Linkin Park and thats the reason why i love them!!


I loved it! Maybe it’s just because I’m a fan of EDM/dubstep, but I had been curious for a while how it would sound if LP collaborated with some DJs. I’m just surprised it actually happened. I guess the only setback for me is that some of the DJs I’d never heard of (Enferno, Money Mark, etc.), so it made it a little like trial and error, you were either gonna like it or not. I’m really glad Mike tried out the EDM style on CoG, and I was happy to find out Killsonik and Schoolboy were on the album!

Anyway, I don’t think it’s so bad, and I wish it wouldn’t have got all the hate it’s gotten. I know most LP fans are rock/metal fans, though. So am I, with the exception of my interest in electronic music. It’s not the best thing LP has ever made, but I think it’s pretty damn awesome.


Sorry guys. But I don´t really like this. It´s not Fort Minor and it`s not Linkin Park. It´s Linkin Minor. Please select one. Will u be Fort Minor or Linkin Park???
I will not buy this new album. I´m very dissapointed and hope the next album will be Linkin Park again.


Please read the following excerpt from Chester Bennington’s interview in Kerrang which says a lot about their upcoming album. Chester has said what and where they are headed to ! Before judging and whining(you all have your opinion and that is accepted) atleast see what the band members have to say about their future work !

K!: So, Chester, what’s happening with Linkin Park?

Chester: We’ve written a lot of music for the new Linkin Park album; Mike’s written tons. When I got back from tour with STP, there was a lot for me to catch up with. They were playing me things, and I was like, ‘Dude, this is fucking awesome!’ The music has tons of energy – we basically want people to listen to it and go, ‘Really? They did that?!’ People will either love it or hate it. They’re the two preferred responses, and we have a real vision set out for this album.

K!: How will it sound then?

Chester: Before I left on tour with STP, everything that Mike had written was really dance-y and sounded kind of like electro. I loved it, and I said, ‘How about we start with this stuff and make it darker?’ and then I come back from tour…and it’s like death metal!(laughs). I just sat there listening, like, ‘Oh shit, this is awesome! So this is where we’re going with it? Cool, I’m down with that!’ Things will keep changing as we write – they always do!

K!: Are you really going to death metal?

Chester: That’s the most amazing thing about writing music in Linkin Park; we take such a massive variety of influences into demo sessions. It could be in any form, from Mike beatboxing into his phone to a completely finished song, complete with words. We take it all into the studio and work on it there, kinda stick to what they already do. I don’t imagine that Pantera ever took any pop-style beats into a recording session and said, ‘Let’s do this! We could pull this off!’ We’ve taken all sort of ideas into the studio this time, from acoustic folk songs to dupsteppy, crazy stuff with insane guitars…oh, and death metal complete with super-intricate drumming. In Linkin Park, we don’t give a shit what we’re doing, as long as it makes our ears perk up!


So, LP has some surprise for us in their upcoming album and I am just excited to heat it !!!


@LPradeepS I didn’t read that statement by Chester so far. Thx for sharing! It wipes away all my concerns about the direction that the next record could take. Death metal? Pantera? Can’t wait to hear more!!!