What can I expect from my first concert?


Alright. I’m 18… I’ve listened to Linkin Park my whole life and they’ve been my favorite band since I can remember.

I have never been able to make it to any concerts because of money, and I finally saved up enough to go to their THP tour on January 20th in Pittsburgh PA!!

What should I expect? What kind of tickets should I buy? I’m so excited!

I’m also a new LPU member! So any advice about the website/community? I also saw that there was a post on the main page that they needed street team members for my area. What is that?



-You can expect the show to be awesome and unforgettable
-don’t buy tickets including seats -> THEY SUCK, standing in front of the stage is much more powerful
-advices… hmm i don’t know! The most people here don’t even check out the forums, which is sad :frowning:
-i think as a street team member you can sell special merchandise… but I’m not sure


Awesome! That sucks there is not much community on the forums );

But thank you! I was deciding on ground admission or seats , and I definitely know what I’m getting now (:


Much more atmosphere if you get standing :smiley:


yeah, i agree. GA tickets are excellent. It’s a whole different experience. Sometimes Mike and Chester come off the stage and interact with the front row. It’s happened to me at MSG in New York. You’re gonna have a great time no matter what. Enjoy!


You can expect an awesome show!
The band is performing superb at the moment!!
The Show will be very energetic.

Have fun at your first show man!


You can expect maybe to hear new song(s) from The Hunting Party(Maybe)
The concert will be amazing!!! They will perform the fan favorites and some songs are shortened. There will be a Hahn solo and a Mike medely. And I think they will play a medely of Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent. But most important the show is gonna be spectacular!! Have fun!!!


It will be awesome :slight_smile: I’ve listened to them my whole life too and I saw them live for the first time this month, and they blew me away!


If you like to, you can meet fantastic people from LPU.
On my concerts i always meet cool LP(U) Fans and have a great time.