What CD does Chester hold on that picture?


Ok, Mike have In Rainbows from Radiohad. It’s a pretty good one and I know he like it. The foto might be taken in 2007.

But which CD does Chester hold in his hand (or more precise: … hold at his butt). I have no idea and I’m not sure, if he like it or not. Any thoughts?



I can’t read also…


Hope some japanese person can tell you.


That album is “Strange House” by The Horrors.


Thank you guys for your responses. The Horrors? That’s kind of funny, because both CD’s that Mike and Chester have on that picture, couldn’t be more different. Typical Linkin Park ha, ha… [lol]


epic face mike ahhahaha


oh lord do i love that photo


Would love their faces when other musicians would hold Hybrid Theory and Living Things in those positions :P.


Radiohead, Linkin Park and “los horrores” in one picture… This photo was made dedicated to Rosario! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha! So true, especially the Chester’s one!


Ha, ha… great! Yeah, you’re right… many people would think this are two different bands :smiley:


Great Pic. The horrors???!!! I never hear that.