What did I miss


What’s up fart faces! I’m putting this post online because I might be coming back and I might not, I just wanted to know what the hell been going on since the Memers’ been gone!


Cat’s been away so the mice have been playing…


A few things going on in my life, I’ve gotten wiser, and I’ve developed a new kind of evil…I became more dangerous and awesome.

And also I have two new members of my bunny domination. Two dogs, King- a toy poodle and Menah- a yorkie.

At times she’s more vicious than me :3


Ah, alright hands over stickie pads capture them and let them free into the wild. Use special forces if some act up.

gives @EvoOba a gummy


Floflo’s guinea pig Coby died :cry:


;-; oh no not Coby.


Who’s Floflo?


Floflo is a alliance, my favorite person to torture


I’m not sure you mean alliance if they are just one person. Possible typo?


No typo, the Floflo alliance, it’s a thing.




awesome cat picture


*holds up spork*


What’s that?


A spork is a fork and a spoon… It’s weird.


(pokes @minuteforce in the neck with a poisonous toothpick)


Nobody misses you @intheend!!!


@samuel_the_leader @The_early_walker my old lpuers always :3


yeah, than why dontcha just post with them but trying to take over forums nowedays never work, even the lpu is in motion, development takes part, are you a real core fan @intheend or only a from one Forum to another jumper, anoying ppl bunnie?


Not sure if that was sarcastic or not but @intheend has been like this for years. Almost everyone (old active members at least) know it. (and the rest just figure it out on the way…)