What did the band think


Saturday was amazing.
Linkin Kicked ass and the Kongos were pretty cool.

but i am curious to know what the band thought of the turn out.
i know they said they were impressed at the time. but compared to all the other concerts they have done world wide. how did we stand up?


It’s just one more concert for them, man. It’s their job. They do that a lot of times during the year. We saw that Mike and Chester were so happy about the Brazilian energy be different from Europe and USA but when the concert finished las month, it was just another one. Probably the same thing happened in SA. [biggrin]


I’m pretty sure the band noticed all the hardcore fans they have in SA, and judging by the turn up they saw, they are bound to come back…


I am curious myself…
Interesting enough they put some pics on from CT but said nothing about Joburg.

It is maybe just another show for them, but it was their first time in SA. Sure they didn’t know what to expect from us.

Still think they were pretty impressed with all the hard core fans in SA and the great turn-up for their shows. Believe and hope they were impressed and enjoyed it just as much as we did. It was one hectic electric vibe… sure they got that vibe too.



Oh boy… If you want them to come back, bombard your local promoter with emails (from as many people as possible). The band does not have the final say in where they will play.


Well i went to both shows in SA and to the Summit. I think it was just another show to them but it meant the world to us that they finally got around to SA. It was amazing and the vibe in Cape Town was crazy, the turn-out in Joburg was awesome but when its all said and done, they’ve seen it all before and then some.


I have the same question! But whatever the answer is, i hope it makes them come back! The summit was basically filled to capacity (in terms of acceptable numbers determined by the crew) i believe the crew also had a good time with the tree planting and the CT show was awesome!! I’ll do whatever it takes to make them come back!


I asked Mike this very question at the Summit. In all fairness, they had only been in SA for two days at that time and hadn’t played a show yet. He said that it really is a matter of finding the time in their schedule to go every where they’d like. He also mentioned that there were still many places in the world that they hadn’t been to yet that have also been begging them to come.
Was the most awesome experience having them here though - still on such a high about it.