What did you buy at the concert?


Just curious! i bought the white Linkin Park tank top, an Incubus bracelet that says “if not now, when?” and just before the meet and greet i bought the LPUX album because i wasn’t in the LPU last year :stuck_out_tongue:
My brother bought the LP key chain and the grey ‘Los Angeles Linkin Park 1998’ T shirt which i thought was really cool.


I got the poster with the weird penguin. I couldn’t decide what to get signed. I wanted the Living things cd signed but worried not all 6 signatures would fit. I got the cd signed and it looks great. Chester covered up the title of it but it’s ok.


I bought the white Linkin Park tour shirt and I had them sign it :slight_smile:


Nothing. As usual.


Didn’t get anything. Prices were too high. Really wanted that LP hat though but it was $40.


Bought that 3D Lion shirt.

Good times.


I always buy the oficial tour t-shirt. But lets see what else they’ll have there xD


What a memorable night, eh? :smiley: I bought the Linkin Park tour shirt too - I’d love to have had them sign it, but then I could never wear it! I brought an 8x10 picture for them to sign though, so that was cool. Linkin Park forever!!


I also bought the Grey LA T-shirt! I am wearing it today to work haha

What a nerd I am.


Let’s just say that Linkin Park and Incubus raped my wallet. I bought EVERYTHING from the keychains, poster, tour shirts…etc -_- but hey, LP for life :slight_smile:


I got the shirt with the album cover on it and the tour dates on the back


Allways want to buy a T-shirt :3


Tour Tshirt, I totally forgot to buy LPUX D:
Now I have a problem, cause the tee got stained by peach juice, and it doesn’t want to go away D: I don’t want to wash away the cool art and logo, it was too pricey D:


I bought the white tank top, black tour shirt, and Chula Vista tour poster (which I got signed at the meet and greet)., I wanted the LA shirt too, but thought I might be able to get it online…I don’t see it though, darn. I am still a very happy fan. The Chula Vista show was amazing, and I am still on cloud nine from the meet and greet.


ooh that sounds nice!! i got a linkin park tote bag too cute and my husband got a incubus shirt that said the date they came about and a key chain. i love my bag. i wanted a tank top from linkin park too but they didnt have any more. you know what that means? ebay baby!!!


I got the shirt with living things pic on front and tour dates on back my son got the poster of the whole band and the cap …when I got dressed to lev back home the nex morn my hubby said u better wear that $40 shirt i jus bought u lol …I did,that’s the most I’ve ever paid for a shirt lol but so worth it


Tan LP tour shirt, black Incubus tour shirt, and art posters from both shows


ohh yess Ebay is the way to go! haha i buy so many things from there :slight_smile:


I got the gray Los Angeles 1998 shirt, as well. I didn’t bother with the merch booth at the House of Blues show in L.A., and I was disappointed that I hadn’t when I saw someone post the shirt online. So I was psyched when I saw they had it available at the Honda Civic Tour, and I snapped it right up!

What’s kind of funny is that I bought the shirt at Jones Beach. It was pouring rain at that gig, so instead of dealing with carrying around a wet bag full of a soon-to-be wet shirt all night, I just pulled the shirt on over the tank top I was wearing and zipped my waterproof jacket over it. When I got home and took my jacket off, I saw that the shirt isn’t exactly the most flattering thing I’ve ever purchased: The little “19” is dead on top of my right nipple and the little “98” is dead on top of my left nipple. [mrgreen] Fingers crossed that it will change shape a little when I finally get around to washing it!


Got the black Living Things T Shirt with the tour dates on the back for $40 and the limited edition poster for $40. Most I’ve spent at a concert… I would’ve dropped another 80 on the hoodie, but it was sold out :